The efficiency of tax and fee services continues to improve


Since the State Administration of Taxation launched the 2024 "Convenient Tax Action", what new measures have been introduced in various regions? Recently, the reporter learned from multiple tax departments that various regions have taken active actions to focus on high-frequency tax payment issues and hot demands of taxpayers and payers, innovatively applying digital and intelligent methods, competing to optimize innovative services, and promoting the continuous improvement of tax and fee service efficiency. The State Administration of Taxation has previously issued the "Opinions on Carrying out the 2024" Convenient Tax Action Spring Breeze ", which clearly stated that in 2024, with the theme of" Continuously Improving Efficiency and Doing Practical Things for the People ", it will closely focus on promoting the deployment of the State Council's" Efficient Tax Action "in the tax system, continue to carry out the" Convenient Tax Action Spring Breeze ", integrate and launch a series of measures that benefit the people and enterprises, and further improve the sense of achievement and satisfaction of taxpayers and taxpayers. Currently, many tax and fee transactions can be easily processed with just a click of the mouse. "For example, in the high-frequency business of 'value-added tax general taxpayer declaration', the system provides 432 data pre filling services, and 95% of taxpayers can complete the declaration within 3 minutes." Sun Yuying, the director of the Tangshan Taxation Bureau in Hebei Province, said that Tangshan will continue to upgrade its tax and fee services, closely monitor the urgent and difficult problems faced by taxpayers, take "efficiently completing one thing" as the starting point, continuously simplify business processes, expand tax channels, optimize service measures, and do a good job in benefiting the people and enterprises. ". The Dalian tax department conducted in-depth research on the front line of enterprises in the convenient tax spring breeze action, and sorted out a "tax and fee chain" for enterprises based on the time of tax obligations. Through integrated, intelligent, and convenient tax policy services, it ensured the landing and construction of major projects in the petrochemical industry. The "tax and fee chain" covers all possible tax and fee transactions that may occur before the start of project construction, and uses a tree shaped tax related thinking map to assist enterprises in hanging maps and advancing lists, avoiding potential tax risks. Chi Sujuan, the CFO of a petrochemical company, said that the tax department has packaged all the tax and fee transactions involved before starting work and sent them to the company, which has improved engineering efficiency and reduced tax costs. In order to better meet the needs of the people and serve enterprises, the Guangdong tax department has recently launched the "Convenient Tax Experience Tour" activity. Zhu Hao, General Manager of the Business Center of Haimuxing (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., told reporters, "I heard from the company's tax personnel that most of the business can now be processed online, which is much more labor-saving. This time, I was invited to log in to the electronic tax bureau in the smart tax experience area to understand how to achieve precise policy push, and intuitively feel the high efficiency of tax processing." In Jiangsu, in response to the full life cycle of enterprises, the tax department of Zhenjiang City focuses on the concerns of taxpayers such as opening and cancellation, and innovatively introduces convenient services such as "smart opening" and "one-stop cancellation". ". We will continue to promote service scenario based collection in areas such as precise push, intelligent tax calculation, and pre filled declaration to better meet the personalized needs of tax and payment. The tax department in Zhenjiang and other relevant government service departments have achieved electronic certificate sharing and continued to promote "certificate reduction and convenience". In addition, we will streamline the tax and payment process, carry out cross departmental business collaboration, and promote online "one-stop" and offline "one-stop" social insurance handling and payment services

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