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Using aesthetic education as a link to connect the history and future of cities


Recently, the Beijing Urban Sub center showcased "OneSpace, MoreChance" as the exhibition theme at Milan Design Week China Week in 2024. Through vivid video and poster products, the sub center showcased its innovative solutions and development achievements in the process of building a green city to the world, showcasing the construction achievements of green development demonstration zones and a new urban style that is livable and business friendly. A good life cannot be separated from the nourishment of beauty. As a key force to enhance aesthetic literacy, aesthetic education can help people deepen their perception and understanding of beauty, strengthen our beliefs in life, motivate us to maintain a positive and upward mental state, and make life full of vitality. Not only is it the sub center of Beijing, but in recent years, many places have actively explored and utilized the rich resources of local cultural and artistic venues such as historical blocks, museums, and art galleries. They have carefully planned and organized a series of cultural forms that are popular among the public, such as exhibitions, theatrical performances, and cultural exhibitions, to gather aesthetic consensus, fully utilize urban space to carry out aesthetic education, and accelerate the construction of a higher-level urban cultural public service system. At the same time, the innovative practice of aesthetic education has also injected new momentum into the high-quality development of urban cultural construction. Fuzhou, with its three neighborhoods and seven alleys as its carrier, creates the urban theme of a "blessed state". San Fang Qi Xiang belongs to the local characteristic architectural form and is a living fossil of the neighborhood system in ancient Chinese cities. Fuzhou has preserved the old street residences and renovated them, integrating the spatial form and spatial connotation of the ancient blocks into the present, transforming the rich history into a tangible cultural experience for modern people to live in; In Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a "Asian Flower Theme Park" that integrates Song Dynasty culture and Asian plant culture, using flowers as a medium and engraved with the memories of the Asian Games, has become a popular destination for people to express their desire to cooperate and create a better future. These cities have written vivid annotations for building comprehensive urban cultural strength through the creation of beauty, building a new highland for urban cultural construction, and meeting the people's pursuit of a better life. When the creation of beauty appears in every corner of the city, and its presence permeates every resident of the city, the humanistic spirit of the city will become more brilliant, and the context of urban cultural construction will become clearer. Urban cultural construction, as a special form of education, not only has the functions of cultivating sentiment, shaping personality, and stimulating innovation and creativity, but also helps to improve the quality of citizens and enhance the image of cities, which is of great significance for promoting urban cultural construction. Strengthen the supply of aesthetic education resources, use aesthetic education as the engine, and inject a continuous stream of vitality into urban cultural construction. In this process, it is necessary to accurately grasp the direction and core of the supply of aesthetic education resources, protect and utilize the precious wealth of historical and cultural heritage, deeply explore the unique value of urban historical and cultural heritage, and extract aesthetic genes with regional and unique characteristics. The historical context of a city is composed of historical figures and

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