China Petroleum Oriental Geophysical Exploration - Refining the "Golden Eye" of Oil and Gas Exploration (New Perspective)


The the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang is full of deserts and salt marshes, and the 277 team of CNPC Dongfang Geophysical Prospecting is vigorously promoting 3D oil and gas exploration. Under satellite navigation, 15 high-precision controllable seismic source vehicles and 60000 channels of G3i acquisition instruments are receiving seismic wave signals thousands of meters underground. "The high-precision controllable seismic source vehicle has the characteristics of broadband excitation and efficient operation. Tens of thousands of acquisition instruments form a huge information acquisition network, which can accurately obtain oil and gas information under deeper and more complex geological structures." Chen Xudong, manager of Dongfang Geophysical Exploration Team 277, introduced. Geophysical exploration, equivalent to conducting a CT scan of the Earth, is one of the most effective methods for discovering oil and gas. Many oil fields in our country have complex geological structures and diverse geological formations, making exploration difficult. In recent years, Oriental Geophysical Exploration has continuously innovated in core software, core equipment, and key technology research and application, continuously improving exploration accuracy and efficiency. Since the 13th Five Year Plan, more than 50 oil and gas fields with a capacity of over 100 million tons have been discovered in cooperation with domestic oil and gas fields, helping to increase oil and gas storage and production, and ensuring energy security. Accelerate software iteration and upgrade. Seismic data processing and interpretation software plays the role of a "smart brain" in oil and gas exploration operations. At the beginning of this century, Eastern Geophysical Exploration bravely ventured into the technology "unmanned zone" and spent 19 months developing China's first integrated software for large-scale earthquake data processing and interpretation with fully independent intellectual property rights, GeoEast. "After more than 20 years of iterative upgrades, GeoEast has equipped itself with full scene, multi wave field, and high-precision processing functions from land to ocean, from ground to well, and from longitudinal waves to multiple waves, providing effective support for major oil and gas discoveries and continuous increase in storage and production." said Song Qianggong, the head of software development for Oriental Geophysical Exploration. Innovative exploration hardware equipment. Developing and manufacturing China's first EV56 high-precision controllable seismic vehicle, with a deep detection capability increased from 5000 meters to tens of thousands of meters; Invention of ultra large seismic instruments, achieving the maximum number of receiving channels increased from tens of thousands to 300000, and synchronization error reduced from milliseconds to microseconds... Dongfang Geophysical continues to create independent and innovative products, fully realizing the localization and localization of geophysical technology and equipment. Promote the deep integration of industry, academia, and research. By fully utilizing global scientific research resources, Oriental Geophysical Exploration actively constructs a global scientific research system and implements collaborative innovation between industry, academia, research and application with dozens of well-known universities at home and abroad. At the same time, focusing on key core technologies, establishing a task library for "unveiling and leading" research and development, and achieving positive results in technology research and development such as reservoir modeling and data compression. After 15 years of research and development, the onshore "broadband, wide-angle, high-density" seismic exploration technology and equipment innovatively developed by the enterprise have been widely applied both domestically and internationally, creating multiple world records. Relevant technical standards have been written into the operational norms of multiple international oil and gas companies. Eastern geophysical exploration has also gone abroad to provide Chinese technology and solutions for global geophysical exploration. "China Petroleum's seismic exploration technology has' awakened 'many old oil fields and helped us discover a batch of new oil fields, driving economic development," said Sami, a petroleum exploration geophysicist from Oman. In Oman, Eastern Geophysical has upgraded traditional production methods, increasing the daily efficiency of operations from 10000 guns to 55000 guns, maintaining the world's highest daily efficiency record. Currently, Dongfang

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