Continuously deepening the governance of sources of financial disputes and lawsuits


Deepening the governance of financial dispute sources is an important combination and focus of courts in serving the overall work of the Party and the state, and an important aspect of ensuring high-quality financial development through active performance of duties. Finance is the "biggest player in the country", which concerns the overall situation of Chinese path to modernization. Risk prevention and control are related to national security, overall development, and people's property security. The Party Group of the Supreme People's Court has made important arrangements on how to base itself on the actual trial work, prevent and resolve financial risks, promote high-quality development of finance, and emphasize the need to "deeply consider the issues reflected in the field of financial governance behind the handling of financial cases in accordance with the law.". The various risks in the financial field will present as corresponding financial disputes, and the trend of financial disputes is a barometer reflecting whether the financial field operates in a healthy and standardized manner. For example, financial debt disputes are related to the overall risk of the bank credit market, financial non-performing debt disputes are related to non-performing asset risks, and disputes caused by bond defaults and false statements are related to redemption risks. Relevant information indicates that financial disputes have the characteristics of multiple types, large quantities, and high amounts. Bank card disputes, credit card disputes, financial loan contract disputes, financial leasing contract disputes, insurance disputes, securities false statement liability disputes, and securities and futures disputes account for the majority of the total number of first instance financial cases. In addition, due to various factors, there are still a large number of specific financial disputes that have not entered the trial process, such as credit card disputes, online lending disputes, etc. The governance of litigation sources focuses on proactive prevention, emphasizing the strengthening of source prevention, front-end resolution, and gateway control, and improving the preventive legal system. In his speech on learning and implementing the spirit of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the President of the Supreme People's Court, Zhang Jun, pointed out that "treating the source of litigation as an important aspect of the court's active performance in accordance with the law, coordinating the handling of cases and promoting governance, and actively integrating into national and social governance.". Financial disputes are disputes arising from the circulation of monetary funds between financial institutions, between financial institutions and enterprises, and between financial institutions and financial consumers. How to avoid and reduce the occurrence of financial disputes, resolve financial disputes with high quality and efficiency, has obvious advantages

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