The 2024 Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Conference awarded the first batch of ten master inheritance and innovation studios


From "Bing Dwen Dwen" to "Rabbit Pier" and then to "Dragon Pier", Beijing Huajiang Culture Group continues to help the development of the cultural and tourism industry by creating a new urban IP. At the 2024 Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Conference held in Beijing recently, the chairman of the company, Chen Shaoshu, introduced the development process from "Beijing Gift" to urban new IP. At the meeting, Wei Lianwei, President of the Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Association, comprehensively summarized the work of the previous year from seven aspects. Looking ahead to 2024, he will mobilize and deploy efforts in implementing the new development concept, strengthening talent cultivation, optimizing the development environment, showcasing brand image, and enhancing organizational vitality. He encourages eligible units in the industry to actively establish specialized skill museums to assist in the construction of the Beijing Museum City. At the same time, he independently carries out unique craft exhibitions and interactive experience activities to promote the dissemination of traditional arts and crafts culture. The first batch of Beijing Arts and Crafts Master Inheritance and Innovation Studios were awarded medals on site. The first batch of 10 Beijing Arts and Crafts Master Inheritance and Innovation Studios, including those of Wang Xuebin, Qu Bo, Yi Fucheng, Jin Xin, Hu Xin, etc., were awarded on-site by the Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Association, covering techniques such as cloisonn é, jade carving, Beijing embroidery, and gold lacquer inlay and painting; In 2023, outstanding entrepreneurs and skilled craftsmen from Beijing's arts and crafts industry won awards and trophies on site; The final results of the 4th Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry (Jade Carving) Vocational Skills Competition were also announced on site. Chen Shaoshu said that in the era of humanistic economy, enhancing cultural experience value and promoting the creation of destination city IP through creative tourism is to achieve more meaningful, interesting, and valuable connections with tourists. The 2023 Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur won the award cup on site. Chen Siguang, Director of the Handicraft Industry Department of the China Light Industry Federation and Director of the Office of the China Arts and Crafts Masters Working Committee, suggested that the Beijing arts and crafts industry should fully leverage the advantages of the capital, combine with the positioning characteristics of the capital, and play a leading and demonstration role in the national arts and crafts industry. Wang Wei, a first level inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, emphasized that the development and construction of the Beijing arts and crafts industry should adhere to innovation driven development. At the same time, we need to increase the cultivation of high-quality talent teams, strengthen cooperation and exchange of Beijing Tianjin Hebei industrial and aesthetic talents, and further stimulate the vitality of the Beijing industrial and aesthetic industry. (Lai Xin She)

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