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The mobilization and deployment meeting for the "Kunlun 2024" special action of the national public security organs was recently held. The meeting emphasized the need to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the requirements of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, solidly carry out the "Kunlun 2024" special action, strictly crack down on crimes in the fields of food, medicine, environmental protection, and intellectual property in accordance with the law, always maintain a high-pressure deterrence situation, safeguard the beautiful China, ensure people's safety, and serve high-quality development at a high level. The meeting pointed out that in the past year, the national public security organs have carried out the "Kunlun 2023" special action in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, and strictly cracked down on food, medicine, environmental protection, and intellectual property crimes in accordance with the law. The overall results of the crackdown have been significant, with strong and effective key rectification measures. The ability to crack down on crime and serve the overall situation has significantly improved, effectively maintaining national security and social stability, and safeguarding the happiness and tranquility of the people. The meeting emphasized the need to clarify task objectives, strengthen work measures, maintain a high-pressure situation of strict crackdowns, and firmly grasp the results of the "Kunlun 2024" special action with a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Efforts should be made to enhance the concept of law enforcement, strengthen systematic thinking, bottom line thinking, rule of law spirit, and standardize law enforcement, effectively positioning, finding direction, enriching means, and improving work quality and efficiency. We need to focus on strengthening key crackdowns, focusing on prominent issues in the field of environmental protection and important strategic resource security, ecological security, food and drug safety, industrial development safety, and production and life safety. We will carry out special crackdowns and concentrate on solving cases, and resolutely carry out deep and thorough investigations. Efforts should be made to improve the methods of strikes, strengthen precision strikes, depth strikes, scale strikes, and coordinated strikes, and continuously enhance the effectiveness of strikes. We need to strengthen departmental cooperation, closely link execution, improve joint rectification mechanisms and problem notification and feedback mechanisms, promote the implementation of territorial and corporate responsibilities, and focus on promoting source governance. The meeting called for strengthening capacity building, comprehensively building a professional driven, all police action, departmental linkage, and mass initiated "four actions" work pattern, continuously promoting the improvement of relevant laws, regulations, and judicial interpretations in the fields of food, medicine, environment, and intellectual property, solving legal application problems, strengthening law enforcement quality supervision and case quality and effectiveness evaluation, accelerating the application of information technology construction, and effectively developing specialized and strong environmental food and drug investigation police types, Build a new police operation model of "professionalism+mechanism+big data" to accelerate the formation of new quality police combat effectiveness. We need to strengthen organizational leadership, conduct in-depth investigations and research, strictly supervise and promote, widely publicize and launch, and ensure the effectiveness of special actions. (Lai Xin She)

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