Continuously increasing the punishment for bribery


On March 1st, the 12th Amendment to the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China officially came into effect, further amending and improving the provisions on bribery crimes, and increasing the punishment for bribery. Bribery inducing bribery, bribery stimulating bribery; If bribery is not investigated, bribery will continue. Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels should continue to maintain a high-pressure situation in punishing corruption, effectively and effectively punish bribery, and make efforts to reduce the stock and curb the increase. Through practical actions, they should persist in the strict tone, measures, and atmosphere for a long time. Data shows that in 2023, a total of 17000 cases of bribery were filed by disciplinary and supervisory authorities nationwide, and 3389 people were transferred to procuratorial organs. From the practice of disciplinary and law enforcement, it can be seen that behind the bribery of party members and leading cadres, various types of bribe givers are active. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels must soberly recognize that bribe givers are using all means to "surround" party members and leading cadres, which is an important reason for the current increase in corruption. They must deeply understand the political harm of bribery and increase their investigation and punishment efforts in accordance with laws and regulations. Those who need to be filed must be resolutely filed, and those who need to be dealt with must be dealt with resolutely. Serious investigation and punishment will be carried out on those who constantly lure officials into the water and harm one party with bribery, and typical cases will be reported to serve as a warning to others. Increase efforts to recover and correct improper benefits obtained from bribery. The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection emphasized in the deployment of key tasks for 2024 that we should strengthen joint investigations of bribery and improve the joint punishment mechanism for key bribe givers. Adhering to the joint investigation of bribery and bribery is a necessary requirement for resolutely deepening the anti-corruption struggle, promoting the unity of not daring to be corrupt, not being corrupt, and not wanting to be corrupt. It is an effective way to cut off the chain of interests between "hunting" and those who are willing to be "hunting", and to break the network of power and money transactions. At the same time, it is necessary to accurately grasp policy strategies, adhere to the policy of "learning from past mistakes, treating illnesses and saving people", and comprehensively consider the amount, frequency, scope of occurrence, subjective malice, harmful consequences caused by the briber, attitude of admitting mistakes and repentance, refund and refund, etc. when dealing with the briber. We must adhere to serious punishment, resolute crackdown, balance leniency and severity, and differentiate treatment. We must provide accurate handling opinions to the briber in accordance with laws and regulations, Fully safeguard the legitimate personal and property rights and interests of the personnel involved and the enterprise, and ensure the legitimate operation of the enterprise. We will persist in addressing both the root cause and the root cause, and carry out systematic governance. We will continue to make efforts and deepen our efforts to eradicate the soil and conditions that contribute to the problem of corruption. We need to further improve and perfect the laws and regulations for punishing bribery, improve the system for recovering improper benefits obtained from bribery, lawfully recover improper property benefits obtained from bribery, correct improper non property benefits obtained from bribery, and resolutely prevent briber from taking economic advantage. We must strictly standardize the procedures for handling bribery, establish and improve internal restraint and supervision mechanisms, improve the "blacklist" system for bribery, and strengthen the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs, as well as the People's Congress organs

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