Colorful Guizhou · 16th China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition - UK Tour Opening


On February 27th local time, the "Colorful Guizhou · 16th China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition" UK tour opened in London. The tour will continue until March 27th, showcasing the achievements and charm of Guizhou in transportation construction, cultural heritage, and other aspects through magnificent and picturesque photographs of Guizhou bridges. This exhibition is jointly organized by the Information Office of the People's Government of Guizhou Province, China News Agency, Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation. The organizer expressed the hope that through this exhibition, more people can understand Guizhou, appreciate its beautiful scenery, experience its culture, and promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and the world. This exhibition focuses on selecting works that showcase the achievements of contemporary bridge construction in Guizhou, the demeanor of bridge builders, and the relationship between bridges and people. At the same time, ancient bridges that reflect Guizhou's history and culture, as well as natural bridges that depict Guizhou's karst topography, are selected for photography. From the perspective of bridges, Guizhou's beautiful natural scenery, unique and colorful culture, and tremendous achievements in economic and social development in recent years are showcased. The London station of this UK tour, with the theme of "Crossing the Bridge to the World", showcases two chapters: "Colorful Guizhou Thousand Bridges Flying Frame" and "Bridge Tour Joy", with a total of 80 wonderful works, presenting the unique natural scenery and cultural landscape of Guizhou to British audiences. Numerous Chinese and foreign visitors were welcomed to the scene, stopping to admire each exhibit and leaving behind a voice of admiration. They gained a deeper understanding of Guizhou's natural landscape and cultural history through the wonderful photography works displayed in the exhibition, and praised Guizhou's unique charm. They expressed that they must go to Guizhou to see and take a walk if they have the opportunity. "I think this kind of exhibition is very meaningful! These photography works not only showcase the bridges erected between the mountains, but also focus on every individual involved in the construction of the bridges. I am deeply moved by the scenery and humanistic care displayed in the photography works. I have marked Guizhou Province on my mobile phone map, and it will definitely be my next destination for travel!" said Sibyl, an academic management representative from the Rhodes Film Festival Melina, a graduate student from the London School of Economics and Political Science, said, "This photography exhibition truly captures the essence of Guizhou's scenery. Through vivid displays, it leads the audience through the natural beauty of China and the integration with human wisdom. These photography works not only showcase Guizhou's bridges, but also the interactive elements between humans and these landscapes, presenting them vividly in a profound and beautiful way." The 16th China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition in Colorful Guizhou originated in 2008 and has been successfully held for 16 times. It has been exhibited in more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and is highly welcomed by audiences from all over the world. The exhibition aims to inherit and protect intangible cultural heritage, focusing on the development of original ecological culture. Through images, it showcases the rich natural and cultural scenery and construction achievements of Guizhou, becoming an important bridge for promoting exchanges and integration between Guizhou and the world. (Lai Xin She)

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