Sora is far from the endpoint of artificial intelligence


The craze for the big language model ChatGPT has not yet subsided, and the literary video model Sora has made a stunning debut, driving the "wheels" of general artificial intelligence technology forward. Both ChatGPT and Sora have proven that the disruptive and cutting-edge technologies nurtured by artificial intelligence are expected to become the "leaders" of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Sora is far from the endpoint of artificial intelligence. As an enabling technology, artificial intelligence will have greater space and more possibilities. Sora achieves learning, understanding, and simulation of the real world, which is the essence of artificial intelligence. Most of the previously launched Wensheng video products can only generate coherent videos of a few seconds to tens of seconds, while Sora can convert short text descriptions into high-definition videos that can grow up to one minute. The videos are more realistic and three-dimensional, with complex scenes, diverse characters, excellent image quality, and continuous stability. Behind the confusion between falsehood and truth lies strong language comprehension and deep learning abilities. By learning a massive amount of videos, generating videos, and expanding videos based on videos, Sora continues the scale rule of OpenAI, which is to create miracles with great effort. It is precisely this learning simulation ability that makes Sora appear as a tool for "cultural and educational videos", essentially a universal "physical world simulator". No matter what big model, only by being close to the industry can there be a future. The development history of artificial intelligence can be traced back to the 1950s, but most of the early technologies focused on solving problems in the virtual world, so they did not cause much controversy. Previously, ChatGPT's performance in poetry and painting was impressive, but the industry quickly realized that industry models that focus on specific fields, specific scenarios, and solve specific problems have more market opportunities. This time, Sora is closer to the industry. As many people ask, can artificial intelligence generate videos, do movies still need to be filmed by humans? Market institutions predict that Sora will be the first to be applied in industries such as short videos, advertising, interactive entertainment, film and television production, and media, helping enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize user experience. Artificial intelligence can only unleash greater value by empowering thousands of industries. We need to face the gap between China and the United States in artificial intelligence technology. Sora's stunning debut has also made practitioners in the artificial intelligence industry see the gap clearly. China and the United States have always been regarded as the first tier of artificial intelligence development. From multiple indicators such as scientific research achievements, investment rankings, and university rankings, China has maintained the second highest level in the world for many years. But primitive and disruptive technologies like ChatGPT and Sora have not appeared in China, where is the gap? Talent, data, and computing power are considered as the three key elements, and they are also the bottlenecks that China urgently needs to break through in the development of artificial intelligence technology. Of course, there is no need to underestimate oneself. It should be noted that China has achieved rapid catch-up in the field of general artificial intelligence in just one year, and related technologies such as facial recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing have made rapid progress. What's more, China has a huge Internet user group and data scale, which will provide massive resource support for AI training. At the same time, China's manufacturing, service, transportation, and health industries

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