Consumer vouchers are not just about throwing money, optimizing design to enhance driving effect


The consumption vouchers are here again! Beijing consumers can receive up to 1600 yuan of "Jingcai Green" consumption vouchers online, and Hubei Province has arranged 200 million yuan of financial funds to distribute "Huigou Hubei" New Year consumption vouchers... Recently, many regions across the country have once again concentrated on distributing consumption vouchers, covering multiple fields such as automobiles, home appliances, catering, and cultural tourism. These genuine measures have increased the expectations of consumers. As an important measure to promote consumption around the country after the COVID-19 epidemic, the issuance of consumption vouchers has often become a hot topic. From the actual effect, the consumption vouchers play a multiplier effect of "four liang and a thousand jin", and the multiple of leveraging consumption is considerable. As a result, many places have recently launched a new round of distribution of consumer vouchers, even with a wider scope and greater intensity. Why have consumer vouchers played a prominent role in activating the market, promoting consumption, and economic growth? The government's expansion of public expenditure through the issuance of consumption vouchers can enhance residents' purchasing power, drive consumption, and thus have an expansionary effect on the macroeconomy, promoting steady economic recovery. The use design of consumption vouchers also has strong targeting and precision, clarifying the consumption field, driving the rebound of consumption in specific areas, and supporting specific industries while increasing consumption. Set a usage period to promote the prompt initiation of consumption. For example, the "Jingcai Green" consumption voucher in Beijing is specifically designed for green smart home products, and this round of activities will be completed in less than a month. In the situation where the foundation for restoring and expanding consumption is still not solid, and the consumption ability and confidence of residents need to be further improved, it is necessary to continue to promote consumption through the issuance of consumption vouchers. However, from recent years of practice, there have been problems in some places such as non-standard advertising management, unreasonable distribution channels and usage ranges, unscientific threshold for the use of consumption vouchers, and low verification rates of consumption vouchers, which have led to weak consumer satisfaction and also affected the effectiveness of driving consumption. How to use precious fiscal funds on the cutting edge, achieve quality and efficiency improvement, and truly play a role in driving consumption, benefiting enterprises and the people, should be given attention in the new round of issuing consumption vouchers. Distributing consumption vouchers is not simply a matter of "throwing money", and mechanism design is crucial. Based on factors such as consumer demand and industry development, the scope of consumption vouchers should be reasonably and accurately set. For example, on the one hand, they can be used for daily consumption such as catering and cultural tourism, which are close to people's livelihoods and can directly enhance their sense of gain; On the other hand, it can also be used to purchase large items such as cars and household appliances, which can effectively enhance the multiplier effect of consumption vouchers. The discount of consumption vouchers is generally achieved through full reduction. If the threshold for use is too low, it will weaken the pulling effect, and if it is too high, it will make people give up using it. Efficiency and fairness should be considered, and the threshold and discount strength should be scientifically and reasonably set. In addition, it is necessary to enrich the distribution forms and channels of consumer vouchers, achieve a combination of online and offline, and distribute them on multiple platforms, covering a wider audience, making consumer vouchers more accessible and convenient to use. In addition to mechanism design, the operation and management of consumption vouchers should also be given attention. We need to strengthen the standardized management and use of funds, enhance transparency, strictly supervise, and prevent phenomena such as reselling and cashing out. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the tracking and analysis of the actual results of the issuance of consumption vouchers, conduct performance evaluations, and be more precise

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