Solving the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China: Inspiration from Phenomenal Ice and Snow Heat


During the 8-day holiday, Harbin received a total of 10.093 million tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of 16.42 billion yuan, both reaching historic highs; There were 4107 flights taking off and landing at Harbin Airport, a year-on-year increase of 21%; Heilongjiang Province received 22.207 million tourists, an increase of 62% over 2019... During the Spring Festival of the the Year of the Loong, this series of record breaking cultural and tourism figures was amazing, adding a fresh footnote to the "Erbin phenomenon" that has attracted national attention this winter. This ice and snow season, which has lasted for more than two months with extremely high popularity and internet popularity, has made Harbin popular and out of the circle. It has not only become a landmark moment in the development history of this city, but also made the entire northeast corner of China visible, arousing great attention from the whole country on how to revitalize the four provinces and regions of Northeast China. What are the inspirations of the phenomenon level explosive popularity of ice and snow tourism for promoting the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China in the new era? Taking a fresh look: We have rediscovered the cold streets of Northeast China, but they are full of popularity, vitality, and enthusiasm. "Erbin" has become the "top stream" city of this winter, attracting widespread attention. It has been rare for the old industrial base in Northeast China to break into people's sight with such a shining image for many years. Harbin was the earliest liberated big city. On April 28, 1946, all participating troops of our army advanced into the urban area of Harbin. This city, which has endured hardships and trials, has finally returned to the hands of the people. Factory buildings are rising from the ground, and machines are roaring loudly. A large number of powerful industrial enterprises have emerged, including Harbin Electric Carbon Factory, Harbin Electric Motor Factory, Harbin Bearing Factory, and Harbin Boiler Factory. During the first five-year plan of the country, Harbin was listed as an important heavy industry base, with 13 out of 156 key projects settled here. By the end of the First Five Year Plan, Harbin, along with cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Shenyang, ranked among the top industrial output values of major cities in China, providing strong support for national liberation and the construction of the People's Republic of China. However, with the passage of time, the former "eldest son of the republic" suffered from transformation pains and gradually lost his glory in market-oriented reforms; On the journey of comprehensively deepening reform and innovation driven development, rolling stones have climbed mountains and crossed obstacles. Many people did not expect such a day: coming to "Erbin" to enjoy the "ice and snow feast" has become a new trend for tourists and internet experts to compete for "planting grass" and "pulling grass". People from all over the world experience "ten thousand people jumping around" in the ice and snow world, stroll on Central Street to appreciate the European style, and feel the weight of history at the Criminal Evidence Exhibition Hall of the 731st Army of the Japanese Invading China. Even the morning market and Daoli vegetable market on Hongzhuan Street are overcrowded. How hot is Harbin this winter? Data shows that in January, the city received over 900000 tourists per day, becoming the most popular tourist destination in the country, and the tourism market continued to be hot at a high level. According to data from multiple platforms such as Ctrip and Meituan, tourism orders increased by more than 14 times year-on-year during the Spring Festival, making it the city with the largest growth rate in the country. Harbin has transformed itself into a "city awakened by traffic" and a 5A scenic spot built by the Internet. What's even more surprising is that the explosion in Harbin has largely overturned the stereotypical impression of Northeast China from the outside world. The dusty, declining, and frozen Northeast of the past is presenting a vivid, progressive, and warm image

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