Advanced manufacturing viewed from factories, industrial chains, and products


Innovation is the fundamental driving force of new industrialization. At the Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of 2023, it was pointed out during the deployment of this year's economic work that scientific and technological innovation should lead the construction of a modern industrial system. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Xinhua News Agency reporters visited enterprises such as construction machinery, new energy vehicles, and electronic information to observe how innovation changes factories, industrial chains, and products, and explore new trends in advanced manufacturing. Factory: Visible intelligence, invisible accumulation. More and more users are personalized ordering cars, from body colors to wheel hub sizes. How can factories handle diverse orders? Recently, at NIO's second production base in Hefei, the reporter saw over 700 orange robots each performing their duties in an 80000 square meter body workshop. The painting workshop is equipped with a "Rubik's Cube" vehicle access platform, which changes the previous way of painting colors in order of orders and constantly changing spray guns in the painting workshop. The flat inventory is optimized into a three-dimensional space, with 408 parking spaces on 6 floors to reduce production pauses. The final assembly workshop uses an "enclave" automatic assembly island to integrate the front and rear windshields, glass roof, dashboard, and tailgate into one fully automatic assembly island for installation. "The automatic assembly island replaces the serial manufacturing solution with a parallel manufacturing solution, turning the 'one-way street' of the workshop assembly line into an 'overpass', and shortening the overall debugging cycle by two-thirds compared to traditional solutions." Yu Dongming, General Manager of NIO Hefei Regional Company, said that the factory has achieved efficient and flexible production, which can meet more than 3.5 million personalized configuration combinations. It only takes 14 days from receiving orders to the entire vehicle being offline. Digital technology, represented by artificial intelligence, big data, and industrial internet, has become a key force leading a new round of industrial transformation and is changing more and more Chinese factories. In Xiaomi's "black light factory" for mobile phones, most of the more than 200 processes from scratch are completed by intelligent devices. Every 40 seconds, a motherboard filled with over 1500 components is sent out of the SMT machine and transported by an AGV car to the testing track. The mechanical arm sequentially sends the motherboard to the testing point. At the manufacturing base of XCMG Group's wheeled crane industry, steel plates with a thickness of 5mm to 30mm are processed through intelligent sorting, automated welding, and unmanned processing. Every 25 minutes, a crane with approximately 5200 components and a weight of 34 tons can be assembled. Haier's washing machine interconnection factory applies technologies such as "5.5G", advanced algorithms, and digital twins to track and schedule the entire process of thousands of material trucks in real time. It also has the ability to self check the overall assembly efficiency and intelligently recommend efficiency optimization solutions, achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement... Data shows that as of the end of December 2023, China has cultivated 421 national level demonstration factories, more than 10000 provincial-level digital workshops, and intelligent factories. Accelerating the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is an inevitable requirement to comply with the trend of the new industrial revolution, improve the level of industrial modernization, and build a modern industrial system. Tao Qing, spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Operations Monitoring and Coordination Bureau, stated that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will adhere to the main line of promoting the deep integration of informatization and new industrialization, laying a solid foundation, promoting integrated development, and clarifying the situation

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