Strengthening artificial intelligence governance, the world must work together to face it


"Within a year, artificial intelligence has transformed from a synonym for science fiction to a tool used by millions of people." "Artificial intelligence is smoothly integrating into our lives, driving the industry towards the future." "With the arrival of 2024, innovation in artificial intelligence that changes traditional boundaries will gradually grow." Many international media have listed "artificial intelligence" as a keyword in their year-end inventory or next year's outlook. ". In 2023, while artificial intelligence unleashes enormous application and commercial value, it also brings unpredictable risks and challenges. At a critical juncture in the rapid development of artificial intelligence, strengthening the governance of artificial intelligence has become an urgent issue that the international community must work together to face. Over the past year, artificial intelligence technology represented by big language models has accelerated its development, continuously expanded its application scenarios, and had a significant impact on economic and social development, opening up new imaginative spaces for the future of humanity. The British journal Nature recently included the artificial intelligence big model in its selection of technology figures of the year to reflect the significant changes that artificial intelligence has brought to scientific research. From assisting in new drug research and development to optimizing financial services, from accelerating software development to formulating production plans, artificial intelligence applications are becoming increasingly widespread. The research report released by McKinsey&Company calls 2023 the "breakthrough year of generative artificial intelligence", with one-third of respondents stating that their organization will frequently use generative artificial intelligence in at least one business function. Ian Bray, the President of the Eurasian Group in the United States, has assumed that the impact of artificial intelligence will be more profound than that of the Internet, and people will see widespread innovation and increased productivity within decades. As artificial intelligence applications accelerate their implementation, the risks and challenges they bring are gradually emerging. Webster's Dictionary editor and publisher, Webster Publishing Company in the United States, announced that the term "real" will be designated as the word of 2023 due to the rise of artificial intelligence technology, which has greatly increased people's demand for "real". How to prevent artificial intelligence from spreading false information, infringing on personal rights, creating security risks, and widening the technological gap has attracted unprecedented attention worldwide. It is widely believed that there is a risk of misuse and abuse of artificial intelligence due to the lack of effective guardrails. "With the accelerated application of artificial intelligence worldwide, it is necessary for governments and organizations to consider how to best utilize this technology for the benefit of humanity and the earth." Hong Yaozhuang, CEO of the Global Association for Mobile Communications Systems, stated that efforts should be made together to establish a trustworthy artificial intelligence environment. Good governance leads to good wisdom. The role that artificial intelligence will play in the development of human society depends on whether the international community can seek benefits and avoid harm, and carry out effective governance. UN Secretary General Guterres pointed out that to address this technology with a sense of urgency, a global perspective, and a learner's mindset, countries should coordinate and set red lines, racing against time to promote artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity. China has announced the Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services, the United Nations has established a "High level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence," the Global Artificial Intelligence Security Summit has issued the Bletchley Declaration, and the European Union has reached an agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act... In the past year, the understanding of the urgency of artificial intelligence governance by all parties has deepened, and relevant actions are being taken

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