A Field of Hope, a Force for Advancing -- From the High Quality Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas to the Comprehensive Revitalization of Rural Areas


Spring plowing and summer cultivation, autumn harvest and winter storage. Under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, various regions and departments have continued to increase their efforts in agriculture, rural areas, and farmers this year, effectively overcoming the adverse effects of severe floods and other factors in some areas, achieving a bountiful harvest of grain, and steadily advancing the high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas. After a winter snow, in Shanying Village, Machun Town, Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province, green wheat emerged from the snow to solidify food security. Despite the drop in temperature, the "post-2000" grain growers and farmers are not too worried: "Just after seeing the seedlings, deep plowing before winter has improved the quality of land preparation, coupled with timely and suitable soil moisture sowing, winter irrigation to prevent frost damage, strong seedlings have a foundation for overwintering." In recent years, Jiaxiang County has promoted intelligent agricultural machinery, plant protection drones and other equipment, integrated with protective tillage, green pest and disease prevention and control technologies, providing strong support for grain production. This year, China has implemented a new round of action to increase grain production capacity by 100 billion catties, continuing to raise the minimum purchase price for wheat and rice, improving subsidies for corn and soybean producers, implementing responsibilities for farmland protection and food security in various regions and departments, and launching a large-scale single yield increase action for major crops such as grain and oil by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Agricultural technicians have provided in-depth guidance on the front line. Effectively overcoming the rare "rotten rain" in the Huanghuai region and severe flooding in the northeast of North China, the annual grain production has remained stable at over 1.3 trillion catties for nine consecutive years... The abundant grain harvest has laid the foundation for stable economic and social development. Extend the grain industry chain, enhance the value chain, and build supply chains in various regions, continuously improving the quality, efficiency, and competitiveness of agriculture. In recent years, "Yongfeng Rice" in Yongfeng Village, Taihe Town, Meishan City, Sichuan Province has been favored by consumers. At the same time as local premium rice brands, we have launched creamy fresh rice dew and pure edge oil rice flower candy, and our specialty products have entered more households. Green is the base color of agriculture. At the 37th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Equipment Trading Fair recently held, nearly a thousand enterprises participated in the exhibition, showcasing and exchanging new technologies and products. The person in charge of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center stated that agricultural development has entered a new stage of comprehensive green transformation, and it is necessary to further enhance the ability of plant protection, disaster prevention and reduction, and provide strong support for ensuring national food security, agricultural product quality and safety, and ecological environment safety. The coverage rate of excellent crop varieties is over 96%, the comprehensive mechanization rate of cultivation and harvesting is 73%, and the contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress is 62.4%... China's rice bowl is more secure and better, laying a solid foundation for building a strong agricultural country. In winter, Hu Ruiyun, a poverty-stricken household, is busy pruning fruit trees in the pear orchard of Honglongji Village in Weixian County, Hebei Province. "Ten acres of land in the family are transferred out, and each acre can yield 800 kilograms of wheat per year. Working in the pear orchard can earn more than 100 yuan a day," Hu Ruiyun said happily. Zeng Yande, Chief Agronomist of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced that as of the end of the third quarter this year, 63.5% of the monitoring objects in 22 provinces in central and western China have eliminated the risk of returning to poverty, while the rest have implemented assistance measures. Developing characteristic industries in various regions and promoting farmers

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