Meeting Cultural Needs and Enhancing Spiritual Strength - A Discussion by Officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Promoting High Quality Development of Culture and Tourism


On the 14th, the State Council Information Office held a series of themed press conferences on the opening remarks of authoritative departments. Officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduced the situation and answered questions from reporters on accelerating the construction of a cultural power and promoting high-quality development of culture and tourism. ——Prosperous development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Strengthen the guidance and support for stage art and art creation, implement a series of art creation projects for the new era, organize and carry out activities such as exhibitions of excellent stage art plays and fine art works. Improve cultural and economic policies, implement strategies to drive major cultural industry projects, actively cultivate new forms and models of business, and launch a series of consumption promotion activities. ——Protect, inherit and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture. We will deepen the implementation of major projects such as the Chinese Civilization Exploration Project and Archaeology of China, advance the Fourth National Cultural Relics Census, and implement the Chinese Ancient Books Protection Plan. In terms of intangible cultural heritage, a comprehensive inheritance and protection system has been established, and the channels and approaches for protection and inheritance are constantly expanding. The innovation and development of intangible cultural heritage are active, and the dissemination and popularization of intangible cultural heritage are widely carried out. ——Better meet the new expectations of the people for a better life. Enrich the supply of high-quality tourism products, implement high-quality rural tourism projects, promote public tourism services, and promote the deep integration of culture and tourism development. ——Continuously enhancing the dissemination and influence of Chinese culture. Holding the first Liangzhu Forum and commemorating the 50th anniversary concert of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra's visit to China. Promote the national tourism image of "Hello! China" and promote the recovery and development of inbound and outbound tourism. According to Gao Zheng, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the "Happy Spring Festival" in 2023 will hold nearly 500 events in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, covering nearly 20 million people. The online and television programs will reach over 5 billion people. Providing better public cultural services is an important aspect of people's aspirations for a better life. Chen Binbin, Director of the Public Service Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that providing higher quality, more efficient, fairer, and more sustainable public cultural services to the public is mainly reflected in the continuous promotion of the integrated construction of urban and rural public cultural service systems, extensive cultural welfare activities, and innovative public cultural service system and mechanisms. It is reported that there are currently over 33500 new public cultural spaces such as "urban study rooms" in China; More than 460000 registered mass cultural and artistic teams; The Cultural and Tourism Volunteer Service Border Tour has launched 364 volunteer service projects, and a large number of high-quality cultural and tourism resources are flowing to border and ethnic areas in the form of volunteering and public welfare. The cultural digitization strategy is also steadily being implemented. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is accelerating the digitalization of cultural resources, promoting the digital development and transformation of resources; Vigorously promote the application of digital technology and cultivate the development of new business formats; Strengthen the supply of digital content in public cultural services and enhance the digital service capabilities of cultural services; At the same time, digitization is used to enhance the dissemination efficiency of culture and art and promote tourism development. Lu

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