China is an activist in promoting global climate governance


As a responsible developing country, China actively addresses climate change as an inherent requirement for achieving sustainable development, contributing wisdom and strength to global climate governance. On November 30th, the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At this meeting, all parties will conduct a global inventory of the progress made in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement for the first time, which is of significant stage significance for the global climate governance process. The international community expects all contracting parties to abide by the system, principles, and goals of the Climate Change Convention system, and to send positive signals of action focused and strengthened cooperation. The theme of COP28 is "Unity, Action, and Implementation", reflecting the desire for unity and cooperation in addressing climate change. According to the latest report by the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the current climate action plans of countries are unable to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. UN Secretary General Guterres stated that COP28 must become a place for countries to bridge the climate ambition gap, and developed countries must fulfill their financial commitments and rebuild trust. China is an activist in promoting global climate governance. Since the beginning of this year, China has maintained close communication with all parties to promote the success of COP28 and the comprehensive and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement. The two heads of state emphasized the importance of China and the United States accelerating their efforts to address the climate crisis in the current critical decade, and welcomed the recent active discussions between the two countries' climate envoys, including domestic emission reduction actions in the 2020's, joint efforts to promote the success of COP28, and the launch of the China US "2020s Enhanced Climate Action Working Group" to accelerate specific climate actions. The Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization, Taras, believes that this echoes the spirit of global cooperation and has a positive impact on addressing the challenges of climate change globally. As a responsible developing country, China regards actively addressing climate change as an inherent requirement for achieving sustainable development and has contributed wisdom and strength to global climate governance. China has implemented a national strategy to actively respond to climate change, announced the goal of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, constructed a "1+N" policy system to achieve carbon peak emissions and carbon neutrality, promoted industrial, energy, and transportation structural adjustments, adopted energy-saving measures to improve energy efficiency, established and improved market mechanisms, and increased forest carbon sinks. China adheres to the principle of balancing mitigation and adaptation, and has made positive progress in addressing climate change. In 2022, China's carbon emission intensity decreased by more than 51% compared to 2005. "China has made significant contributions to the global response to climate change and is a leader in the development of renewable energy globally," said Sultan Jabil, Chairman of COP28. China has deepened its South South cooperation on climate change, actively participated in multilateral climate processes, and demonstrated its great responsibility as a major country. Recently, the Al Dafra Photovoltaic Power Station in the United Arab Emirates, contracted by a Chinese enterprise, has been fully completed. It is currently the world's largest single photovoltaic power station, capable of supplying electricity to 200000 households and reducing carbon emissions by 24% annually

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