The 44th batch of escort formations of the Chinese Navy has concluded their visit to Oman and held joint maritime exercises


On October 14th local time, the 44th batch of escort formations of the Chinese Navy successfully concluded their friendly visit to Oman and conducted maritime joint exercises with Royal Oman Navy vessels in the waters near Muscat. At around 9 a.m., the Chinese Navy escort fleet vessels flew the flags of China and Afghanistan and departed from Sultan Kabus Port in Muscat, Oman in sequence. Hundreds of staff from my embassy and consulate in Afghanistan, representatives of Chinese enterprises, and Chinese and overseas Chinese arrived at the dock to bid farewell to the formation. Subsequently, I escorted the missile destroyer Zibo and missile frigate Jingzhou in the formation, and conducted maritime joint exercises with the Royal Oman Navy's "Sada" patrol ship in the waters near Muscat, focusing on maritime communication and formation movements. During the drill, the Zibo ship served as the command ship throughout the entire process, and both sides exchanged observers to observe the organization and implementation of the drill. Lei Youfeng, the 44th batch of escort formations of the Chinese Navy: This joint exercise has led to smooth command and close cooperation between the Chinese and Arab navies, further improving the collaborative ability between the two sides' ships, and deepening mutual trust and cooperation between the two armies. It is understood that the 44th batch of escort formations of the Chinese Navy arrived in Oman on October 10th for a friendly visit. During the five-day visit, the formation officers and soldiers visited military institutions such as the Afghan Navy Base and Naval Academy. The captains of the two ships had professional exchanges, and the naval officers and soldiers of the two countries also visited each other's ships, held basketball friendly matches, and held a deck reception, further enhancing the friendly relationship between the two sides. (CCTV News Client) (Lixin News Agency)

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