The first battery "super factory" unveils! France's "Reindustrialization" Launches Batteries as a Pioneer


The unveiling of France's first electric vehicle battery factory is an important milestone in achieving reindustrialization and competing in the booming electric vehicle market. "On May 30th, the French newspaper" Le Figaro "reported that France unveiled a battery" super factory "on Tuesday local time. The CEO of the relevant companies involved in the construction of the" super factory ", as well as those from France German government officials attended the completion ceremony of the factory, "which fully demonstrates France's determination to revive its manufacturing industry. Against the backdrop of increasingly fierce competition in the global electric vehicle manufacturing industry, France is competing with the United States for investment in green industry factory construction, and also aiming to catch up with China's advantages. According to Barron Weekly in the United States, creating a "Battery Valley" to develop the battery industry is the core of French President Marcon's "Reindustrialization" plan. The first battery "super factory" shows its determination to turn to the "Battery Valley" in the old industrial zone of Dunkirk in northern France. The newly unveiled 'super factory', the French German Automotive Cells Company, is located here. The factory is jointly established by Stellantis Automotive Group, Total Energy, and Mercedes Benz. According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, the factory has invested up to 2 billion euros (1 euro is approximately 7.5 yuan) and covers an area of 40 hectares. It is expected to start producing batteries by the end of 2023, with the goal of providing sustainable and high-quality electric vehicle batteries for car manufacturers. France has taken bold measures to revive the battery manufacturing industry, "AFP reported that ACC will become one of the leading battery manufacturers in Europe. It is reported that the French government will provide a large amount of public funding support to ACC, with a total amount of funds exceeding 1.2 billion euros. With the launch of the "super factory", France boldly stated in a statement that it has positioned itself as a major participant in the European electric vehicle revolution. Regarding the unveiling of France's first battery "super factory", the French magazine "Capital" believes that Chinese suppliers are currently in a leading position in the field of battery manufacturing, while France's "Battery Valley" plan is an important effort to make Europe less dependent on Asian suppliers. The goal of the French government is to produce 2 million electric vehicles annually in France by 2030, provide sufficient locally assembled batteries to the domestic automotive industry by 2027, and be able to export "Made in France" batteries in the future. The French Ministry of Economy stated that ACC alone can only supply approximately 500000 electric vehicle batteries annually. According to Reuters, in addition to ACC, there are also several other battery "super factories" that will settle in the "Battery Valley" in France in the future. In June 2021, China Vision Power and Renault announced plans to cooperate and build a factory here. Huineng Technology, which has advanced solid-state battery technology, recently announced the establishment of a factory in the "Battery Valley". On May 15, Xiamen Tungsten Xinneng, a Chinese lithium battery material enterprise, announced that its subsidiary plans to set up two joint ventures in Dunkirk, France, with the French Ono Group. The "Battery Valley" faces many challenges and has received strong support from Macron in creating the "Battery Valley" in northern France. We will be the first European country to implement subsidy policies for new energy vehicles

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