The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan Holds the "China Africa Hand in Hand Warming Children's Hearts" Activity


Ambassador Li Jian handed over donated materials to the person in charge of the orphanage. Wang Chuanbao, a journalist from People's Daily Online, took a photo of the "China Africa Hand in Hand Warmth Children's Hearts" health care activity for Algerian children held in the children's village of Dalaria, Algiers. The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, the Chinese medical team assisting Afghanistan, and China Construction Algeria donated health care kits, household appliances, and other learning and living materials to the children in the village, with a total value of about 2 million dinars. Ambassador to Afghanistan Li Jian, Business Counselor Chen Zhong, Commander in Chief of the Aid to Afghanistan Medical Team Yang Yong, Chairman of China Construction Algeria Company Tang Hao, Chairman of the Arab Red Crescent Society Hamlavi, and Director of Dalalia Children's Village Gersif attended the event. Today, the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, together with the Chinese medical team and China Construction Corporation, came to the Children's Village in Dalalia to carry out free clinics and donation activities. We hope that the children can feel the care and love from Professor Peng Liyuan, spend a special and happy Children's Day, and wish them healthy growth and academic success in the future. He finally emphasized that China is a forever friend and sincere partner of Afghanistan, and hopes that the friendship between China and Afghanistan will be passed down from generation to generation. Tang Hao stated in his speech that CSCEC Algeria has been donating to the Children's Village in Dalaria for 7 consecutive years. Caring for children and helping each other grow is a virtue, and it is also a heritage of China Arab friendship. In the future, CSCEC will continue to gather forces from all sectors of society, actively give back and serve local communities, and persistently "expand the space for happiness" for Afghan society. In his speech, the director of Dalalia Children's Village, Gersif, stated that this event is a perfect embodiment of the friendship between the Afghan and Chinese people and has extraordinary significance. On the occasion of Children's Day on June 1st, the Chinese Embassy, the medical team assisting Afghanistan, and Chinese enterprises personally sent urgently needed materials and gifts to the village, making the children deeply feel the warmth from China. The Afghan side remembers and sincerely thanks the Chinese side for its kindness. During the event, doctors from the Chinese medical team assisting Afghanistan conducted on-site health consultations for the children. Employees from China Construction Corporation planned various activities such as kangaroo jumping, ring jumping, and sandbags, bringing children a joyful, warm, and childlike holiday experience. The event also held a Children's Day party on June 1st, with staff blowing candles and cutting cakes together with the children. The entire event was filled with laughter and laughter, and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Dalalia Children's Village is an international charitable relief organization in Algiers that adopts orphans. Currently, it adopts a total of 72 children aged between 4 and 22. (New News Agency)

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