Over a thousand Hong Kong students will intern in mainland China


On the 31st of 2023, the "Million Young People Looking at the Motherland · Hong Kong Students Internship in Mainland China Thousand Plan" ceremony was held, with over 500 students attending the ceremony on-site. More than a thousand Hong Kong students are about to travel to multiple cities in mainland China to start 6-8 week internships. Song Lai, Deputy Minister of the Youth Work Department of the Hong Kong Joint Office of the Communist Party of China, presided over the flag ceremony, stating that understanding is the foundation of understanding, and cognition is the beginning of identification. I hope that more and more young friends will come to the mainland to take a walk and take a look, experience the cultural life of the mainland, make more friends from the mainland, seek development opportunities, and realize their youth dreams. Wang Yaoying, the co convener of the event and member of the National Youth Federation, encouraged the students participating in the internship to seize this opportunity to deeply learn, understand the national situation, and broaden their horizons. She hoped that the internship plan could become an unforgettable experience for students to write wonderful lives with their passionate youth. It is understood that the internship program for Hong Kong students in mainland China began in 2011 and has arranged for nearly 5000 students to intern in different provinces in mainland China. This year, this plan is also an important component of the theme activity of "Millions of Youth Looking at the Motherland". (New News Agency)

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