A Brigade of the 82nd Group Army: Delayed Service, Backbone Active Training Frontline


At the training ground of a brigade of the 82nd Group Army in the middle of spring, Staff Sergeant Qiao Jinlong of a company level 1, who had recently been extended from service, explained the basic principles of weapons and equipment to the officers and soldiers participating in the training, with a simple explanation and humorous language, which was deeply welcomed by everyone. The company's company commander Hao Hang said with emotion, "The sergeant extension policy has reserved many skilled professional backbone for us, which is good news for the construction of the combat effectiveness of the army." The foundation of the army is at the grassroots level, the foundation of the grassroots level is in the soldiers, and the backbone of the soldiers is in the sergeant. "The implementation of the extension of service policy is to retain the most urgently needed talents for the army to train and prepare for combat." The brigade leaders introduced that they focused on the role of officers and soldiers in the construction of combat effectiveness, explored the construction of a capability-oriented, superior to superior, open and fair personnel selection and employment mechanism, and formulated future plans for officers and soldiers on "what to do, how to do", so that everyone can have a clear understanding. "It has always been my wish to continue to serve in the army." Song Jiangjiang, a first class sergeant in a certain battalion, is a veritable "driving magnate," with a cumulative safe driving distance of more than 200000 kilometers, proficient in various vehicle fault maintenance, and has received numerous meritorious awards. However, due to the limited promotion quota, he can only choose to retire after the expiration of the term. After learning about the policy of postponing military service, Song Jiangjiang submitted an application for postponing military service, hoping to continue to make contributions to his position. "There are many sergeants who apply for extension of service, so how to choose and how to stay should be measured with a ruler." Gong Jianchuan, the director of the Human Resources Section of the brigade, told reporters that they have formulated a standardized assessment mechanism based on relevant laws and regulations, closely focusing on the needs of grassroots combat effectiveness construction, such as monthly assessment of battalion companies and quarterly acceptance of organs. The assessment content covers military training, basic physical fitness, performance of duties, and moral and talent performance, Linking the daily role to the possibility of postponing military service, truly selecting and retaining outstanding talents, and providing better development prospects for military sergeants with excellent professional skills and urgent job needs. "The selection process for extended service is open and transparent, and everyone's work achievements are on the table." A battalion level sergeant, Shen Yalong, is recognized as a "ground explosion expert" by officers and soldiers. After submitting an application for extended service, the battalion company party committee branch conducts a comprehensive evaluation based on his annual monthly examination and monthly evaluation results, and then reports it to the authorities. After grassroots recommendation, superior approval, organizational approval, and other processes, Shen Yalong finally achieved his wish. "It is not only necessary to select and retain talents for the war, but also to do a good job of talent retention work in the 'next article', so that the delayed service backbone can truly be used in the war." According to reports, a group of delayed service professional backbone members of the brigade are active in the front line of military training and preparation, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of officers and soldiers for training based on their positions and with excellent martial arts and strong abilities. (Liao Xinshe)

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