Digital economy empowers the cultivation of new business talents in colleges and universities


With the rapid iteration and cross-border integration of digital technology, the digital economy has become an important source of policy for China's economic transformation and global economic growth. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has attached great importance to the development of the digital economy and has promoted it as a national strategy. Under the background of digital economy, colleges and universities should give play to the function of collaborative education, build a new business talent training mode that connects with the digital profession, meets the needs of multiple subjects such as enterprises, and undertakes the application of digital economy, and strive to cultivate high-skilled cross-border talents, open international talents and responsible management innovative talents. Connect with the digital profession, cultivate high-skilled cross-border talents, and the digital economy promotes the birth of new business forms and cultivates new occupations. According to the Occupational Classification Code of the People's Republic of China Occupational Classification Dictionary published in 2022, there are as many as 97 digital professions with obvious digital characteristics, such as financial technologists and business data analysts. The marking of digital career categories for the first time has also become a highlight of the new edition. In addition, according to the report "Global Youth Employment Trends 2022", first-time job seekers and inexperienced graduates have become more vulnerable employment groups, and they are facing the risk of digital skills shortage. In this regard, colleges and universities should, on the one hand, recognize the talent output gap between the education supply side and the economic and social demand side brought about by digital career as soon as possible, pay close attention to the organic connection between the education chain, innovation chain and the talent chain and industrial chain under high-quality development, on the other hand, under the new mission of serving the national strategy and the needs of regional economic, social and industrial development, actively act, and accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive, systematic The professional digital economy talent training system promotes the organic linkage between digital career and professional training. Specifically, first, we should continue to carry out the construction of digital economy specialty. In line with the new requirements of new business forms, new industries and new forms of social development for talent portraits, reverse the design of student training standards for digital economy majors, add more integration and application of information technology to the curriculum design of traditional business majors, and constantly promote the upgrading, optimization and integration of professional basic courses and professional core courses; The second is to continuously improve the digital literacy and skills of business talents. Teach students to master the skills and discipline quality of "Internet plus major", the theoretical logic quality of "information thinking mode", and the digital ethics quality of "digital citizens", and cultivate business students to become digital economy interdisciplinary talents who master the basic methods and digital skills of economics and have the application and analysis skills of economic big data. To reshape the new ecology of higher education talent training with digitalization, and to enable high-quality development of higher education with digitalization. It is proposed in the Outline of the National Medium - and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) to train open international talents in line with the needs of enterprises and other diversified entities, adapt to the requirements of the opening up of the national economy and society, and cultivate a large number of international talents with international vision, understanding international rules, and able to participate in international affairs and international competition. Colleges and universities should educate and guide students to correctly understand the development trend of the world and China, and correctly understand Chinese characteristics and international comparison. At present, the development idea of information technology reordering enterprises represented by Dazhiyi Cloud Logistics Zone has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and the digital economy has opened

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