Seventeen departments issued plans to double the density of robots in the manufacturing industry by 2025 compared with 2020


The reporter learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the 19th that 17 departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Robot+" Application Action Implementation Plan, which proposed that by 2025, the density of robots in the manufacturing industry would double compared with 2020, the depth and breadth of applications in the service robot and special robot industries would be significantly improved, and the ability of robots to promote high-quality economic and social development would be significantly enhanced. The plan points out that in order to accelerate the expansion of robot application, it is decided to carry out "robot+" application action. The plan specifies the main objectives. By 2025, the density of manufacturing robots will double compared with 2020. Focus on 10 key application fields, break through more than 100 innovative application technologies and solutions of robots, promote more than 200 typical application scenarios of robots with high technology level, innovative application models and significant application results, create a number of "robot+" application benchmarking enterprises, and build a number of application experience centers and test and verification centers. The plan clearly deepens the application of "robot+" in the key field, strengthens the basic supporting capacity of "robot+" application, proposes to build a collaborative innovation system for robot production and use, build a "robot+" application experience and test verification center, accelerate the development and promotion of robot application standards, carry out industrial and regional "robot+" application innovation practice, and build a "robot+" application supply and demand docking platform. (Xinhua News Agency)

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