Will you be interested in the bank consumer loan after breaking the "4"?


The upcoming Spring Festival will not only stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for consumption, but also become the best window for major banks to promote personal consumption loans. The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily found that since December 2022, many banks have launched a wide range of preferential activities for personal consumption loans. Some lucky customers can obtain ultra-low interest rates that break the lower limit of normal interest rates during the activities. At present, the lowest preferential interest rate in the market is 3.2% given by China Merchants Bank Flash Loan. At the same time, the minimum interest rate of major state-owned banks continued to fall after breaking "4". Banks scrambled to issue interest rate coupons to high-quality customers. Recently, CMB launched a large-scale preferential activity for the 8th anniversary of flash loan. According to the information displayed by mobile banking, eligible customers will receive an interest rate coupon with a discount of 6.6%. During the period from January 4 to 31, 2023, they will use the coupon to apply for withdrawal, with the annual interest rate as low as 3.7%. In addition, CMB will also send 200000 cash red envelopes and provide 100 Huawei mobile phones as a raffle gift during the event to attract more customers to use flash loans. It is understood that 3.7% is not the lowest interest rate given by CMB to customers in this round of activities. Reader Liu said that CMB App showed that the interest rate of its flash loan was originally 5.94%. At the beginning of January 2023, the customer manager called and said that he could apply for a coupon with an annual interest rate of 3.2% for flash loan. On January 5, 2023, Mr. Liu used a coupon loan of 200000 yuan, with a term of 3 years, and the annual interest rate was really 3.2%. In addition, he could also use the interest-first and principal combination repayment method, and the early repayment pressure was very small. It is understood that the 3.2% interest rate coupon of China Merchants Bank Flash Loan cannot be obtained directly through online channels, but must be applied through the customer manager. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday consulted with the customer manager of a branch of China Merchants Bank in Dongcheng District. The other side told him that the 3.2% coupon could be applied for a few days ago, but now the individual can't handle it, only for groups with more than 30 people. At present, the customer manager can apply for 3.6% interest rate coupons, which need to be withdrawn within 7 days after application, and cannot exceed the end of January 2023. The reporter of the Beiqing Daily found that the Bank of Communications Guangdong Branch also launched the New Year's special benefit of the Huimin Loan this month. The high-quality unit invited customers to successfully extend credit for the first time will receive an interest rate coupon with an annual interest rate of 3.6%, breaking the lower limit of the interest rate range of 3.85% of the Huimin Loan. In addition, Huimin loan customers can exchange two 5 yuan payment coupons for the first time they submit an application, and obtain 28-day interest-free coupons and one interest rate discount coupon for the first successful credit extension. Zhou Maohua, a macro researcher of the Financial Market Department of Everbright Bank, said that the Spring Festival and other important festivals are the traditional peak season of retail, which helps to drive the demand for consumer credit. The bank actively launched consumer credit business at the beginning of the year, and also has the consideration of "early release and early return". From the perspective of trend, with the release of consumer activities, domestic employment and income improved, and consumer confidence warmed up, which helped drive the expansion of consumer credit demand. Not everyone can enjoy the best interest rate. Although banks try to promote personal consumption loans, the criteria for loan approval have not been relaxed. At present, only a few customers can enjoy the lowest interest rate. Beiqing News

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