Zhao Leji: unswervingly and strictly govern the Party in an all-round way


The report profoundly pointed out that the key to building a socialist modern country in an all-round way and promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in an all-round way lies in the Party, which must carry forward the great spirit of party building, unswervingly and strictly govern the Party in an all-round way, and lead the social revolution with the Party's self revolution. We should earnestly study and understand the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), constantly promote strict governance of the Party in an all-round way, strive to build the Party stronger and stronger, and guide and guarantee the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics to carry forward the past and open up the future, and achieve stability in the future. It is a major theoretical and practical achievement that combines the Marxist theory of party building with the reality of the construction of the CPC, and has important era value and far-reaching historical significance. Adhere to the essential requirements of the original mission of the Party. The CPC is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. The report of the 20th CPC National Congress stressed that the CPC is a party that seeks happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. The Party represents the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people, has no special interests of its own, and never represents the interests of any interest group, any power group, or any privileged class. This original mission and purpose of nature determines that our Party can examine itself in the spirit of thorough self revolution, face up to contradictions, resolutely fight against all factors that harm the progressiveness and purity of the Party, always maintain flesh and blood ties with the people, make the masses trust the Party, support the Party, and firmly work together with the Party. Over the course of a hundred years, the Party has relied on the development of people's democracy, accepted people's supervision, managed the Party strictly in an all-round way, and promoted self revolution. It has been brave to adhere to truth and correct mistakes, so as to ensure its continuous development and growth, and ensure the continuous success of its cause. If the Party is to never deteriorate, change color, or change its flavor, it must remain true to its original purpose and mission, and consciously manage the Party strictly to rally the Party's spirit and the people's will. The inevitable choice to consolidate the Party's long-term ruling position. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China warned the whole party that to win the support of the people and consolidate its long-term ruling position, it must always remain sober and firm in solving the unique problems of the big party. In the new era, in the face of a series of long-term accumulation and emerging prominent contradictions and problems, especially the weakening, falsification and dilution of the Party's leadership, more serious ideas and phenomena of privilege, the repeated "four winds" problem and the shocking corruption problem, the Central Committee of the Party has taken stock of the situation, made bold choices, and included strict governance of the Party“

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