Ministry of Public Security: More than 640000 criminal cases have been uncovered since the "Hundred Day Action" of public security crackdown and rectification in summer


On the 27th, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to inform the public security organs of the country about their solid work in the "Hundred Day Action". At the press conference, Qiu Baoli, the director of the "Hundred Day Action" Office of the Ministry of Public Security and the director of the Public Security Administration Bureau, introduced that since June 25, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, in view of the security and stability situation and the characteristics of public security in summer, has coordinated and directed the national public security organs to carry out the "Hundred Day Action" to combat public security in summer. All police of public security organs at all levels mobilized and went all out to launch a fierce offensive from the four fronts of "fighting, preventing and governing". Qiu Baoli said that up to now, the "100 day operation" has cracked more than 640000 criminal cases, arrested more than 1.43 million illegal suspect, and listed 7442 places to rectify public order disorder. The number of criminal cases registered nationwide has decreased year-on-year and the number of cases solved has increased year-on-year. Qiu Baoli said that the public security organs targeted the crackdown on illegal crimes with the characteristics of public security in summer and the public security disorder that was strongly reflected by the masses, and used hard fists to protect vulnerable groups such as women, minors, the elderly, and the disabled. The reporter learned that the Ministry of Public Security had supervised 309 key cases on account in three batches, 287 of which had been cracked, 5104 of which had been supervised on account simultaneously at provincial and municipal levels, and 3641 had been completed. We strengthened coordination at all levels, pooled superior resources in various regions, cracked a number of unsolved cases after many years, and overcame a large number of protracted cases, effectively punishing crimes and stabilizing people's minds. (Liu Xinshe)

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