China Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Eating mooncakes is important for healthy consumption, see tips


The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and mooncakes are a favorite on many people's tongues. How can we eat them healthily? The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released tips for healthy consumption of mooncakes. Before buying mooncakes, you need to look at two "tables": ingredient table and nutritional ingredient table. Common fillings can be roughly divided into two "camps": one is the "camp" with extremely high fat and sugar content; Another type is the "camp" with low cholesterol but high sugar content. When choosing mooncakes, it is important to first compare the ingredient list and nutritional composition list, and try to choose mooncakes with lower energy, fat, sugar, and sodium content. Secondly, "sugar free mooncakes" should also be eaten in moderation. The so-called 'sugar free mooncake' actually refers to using sweeteners such as xylitol and aspartame instead of sucrose without the addition of additional sucrose. The main raw material for sugar free mooncake skin is still flour, and carbohydrates can be converted into glucose, so this type of mooncake is still a high fat, high energy food. It's best to eat mooncakes separately. A common mooncake weighs between 80 and 200 grams. According to the calculation of a 150g sized five kernel mooncake, an adult weighing about 50 kilograms will consume approximately 678 kilocalories of energy for every extra piece eaten, and must run 11.58 kilometers (approximately 80 minutes) to consume it. Therefore, although mooncakes are good, don't crave too much. Everyone should eat them separately and be lively, without putting too much burden on the body. (New News Agency)

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