The latest trend of weight loss "miracle medicine" deserves high vigilance


According to a report from CCTV Finance and Economics, during an inspection by the Market Supervision Bureau and other departments in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, it was discovered that in an illegal medical practice case, illegal individuals used a product called "AB Lightweight Element" to inject consumers, claiming to be a comprehensive replacement for traditional slimming products and lose 3-7 pounds once a week. The outer packaging of this product is marked with the registration information of cosmetics, and there are even syringes and injection needles accompanying the goods inside. Upon inspection, it was found that the packaging contained an injection, the main component of which was hypoglycemic drug Smegglutide. In recent years, the "miracle drug" for weight loss has always existed on the black market and has never stopped. For example, as soon as "Lightning Slim" was banned, "Weight Loss Coffee" appeared in pink, and the residual heat of "Weight Loss Magic Powder" was still there. The promotion post of "Special Weight Loss Medicine" on Haitao appeared on WeChat Moments. Weight loss candy, weight loss flower tea, weight loss cola, and other products have appeared in turns, and the speed of changing the "vest" is overwhelming. Previously, some of the "miracle pills" for weight loss did not contain any medication, while most added the weight loss drug "sibutramine". The "miracle medicine" for weight loss seized in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province has overturned traditional practices, with not only different ingredients from the past, but also a new phenomenon of counterfeiting and sales. The most typical manifestation is that unscrupulous individuals mix smectide and mannitol to create a solution for weight-loss individuals to inject. Due to the arbitrary preparation and simple manufacturing process, the content of each bottle of medicine varies, and after injection, the blood sugar of the patient may fluctuate, making it difficult to control. The environment for illegal processing is very harsh, with sewage running rampant nearby, and the injection is likely to be contaminated. The risk of injecting this weight loss "miracle drug" is extremely high. It should be noted that recently, after the addition of hypoglycemic drugs such as smectide to weight loss indications, there has been a strong global trend of pursuit. Both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies are vying for the layout and competition of this huge "market cake". The public was not only hungry, but also began to take action. Many people rushed to buy glucose reducing needles. In some places, the phenomenon of "one needle is hard to get" even occurred, which led some patients with diabetes into the dilemma of no medicine available. A new trend has emerged in the "miracle medicine" for weight loss, targeting the trend of widespread popularity of hypoglycemic needles. Illegal individuals do not need to worry about questioning their weight loss efficacy, but can also sell at high prices without worrying about selling. The black market is so hot and illegal profits are so high, which will attract more criminals to take risks. Behind this latest trend, there is even greater speculation and chaos. Although the weight loss effects of hypoglycemic drugs such as smectide have been recognized and endorsed by celebrities, there is still great controversy over whether this drug should be used as a weight loss medication. Especially, the drug does not have universality and may be counterproductive for obesity caused by some reasons. Several medical experts have called for attention to the risks of using hypoglycemic needles to lose weight. If one lacks respect for the toxic and side effects of drugs, follows the trend and even searches for substitutes on the black market, they may pay a heavy price for this. The "AB Lightweight Element" seized in Zhuji, Zhejiang this time played with both yin and yang, stealing and changing pillars. Not only is the technique new, but it is also highly deceptive, making it a representative work of the latest trend of weight loss "miracle medicine". For these new trends in weight loss' miracle drugs', only pre judgment can be made,

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