The first batch of online celebrity human cloning of Xiaobing went online


On June 1, Xiaobing announced that the first batch of online celebrity human cloning had been launched in advance. Two weeks ago, Xiaobing announced the launch of the "human cloning plan" in the Chinese and Japanese markets. At present, the total number of online celebrity fans who apply for human cloning in the background has exceeded 500 million, but for safety reasons, the first batch of human cloning is still limited to 300. After testing and verification, it is expected to gradually expand to a larger scale before the end of the year. Xiaobing plans to unlock new human cloning every Thursday. The "human cloning Plan" requires individuals to collect data for at least three minutes, which can create AI human cloning for celebrities, experts, scholars or ordinary people based on their own personality, skills, voice and appearance, and provide a proprietary platform for me to provide the certified human cloning to my audience, paid or free. Based on the small ice frame large model, neural network rendering and super natural voice technology, human cloning can provide real-time emotional interaction and AIGC (AI generated content) capability. In order to avoid potential dangers caused by improper use of human cloning, Xiaobing Company does not open the technical interface, but restricts human cloning to communicate with users only in specific X Eva App. (New News Agency)

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