6G supported video transmission saves over 50% bandwidth


On May 30th, at the Global B5G/6G Innovation Forum of the Zhongguancun Forum, multiple experts expressed their insightful opinions on the B5G/6G industry process, network technology, business scenarios, and other aspects. At present, China is in a critical breakthrough period in 6G research and development, and has achieved some results. At the forum, Zhongguancun Panlian Institute released four major 6G research and development achievements in the form of physical objects and videos: smart communication system prototype, high-precision millimeter wave communication perception integrated prototype, large bandwidth high-speed visible light real-time communication prototype, and next-generation cloud based wireless new air port experimental verification platform. At the same time, it released the "Smart Communication System and Key Technology White Paper", exploring the development possibilities of 6G communication technology. The latest data shows that as of the end of 2022, China has accumulated 2.312 million 5G base stations and 561 million 5G users, accounting for over 60% of the global total. 110 cities across the country have met the construction standards for gigabit cities, and the gigabit optical network has the ability to cover over 500 million households. The number of mobile IoT terminal users has reached 1.845 billion, becoming the first country among major economies in the world to achieve the "Internet of Things Superman". The development and integration of information and communication technology and AI are driving the evolution of human society towards a new stage of digital intelligence. 5G has opened up a new paradigm of human-machine object interconnection by organically integrating ubiquitous communication, computing, and control capabilities. The 6G mobile communication network will create a corresponding digital "virtual world" by digitizing all elements of the physical world such as people, objects, and events, and provide instant, efficient, and intelligent hyperconnections between the physical world and the digital world to reshape the world, thus opening a new journey of mobile communication where the physical world and the digital world coexist and blend virtual and real in the physical and information dimensions. What will 6G look like? What will a 6G with a combination of virtual and real worlds and real-time interaction look like? Although the global research on 6G is still in the initial stage of establishing basic concepts and system frameworks, identifying, discovering, and certifying key technologies, the industry is becoming increasingly clear about the development concept and path of 6G. The five major indicators of 6G; The three trends of immersive, intelligent, and global, and the eight application scenarios of immersive extended reality, holographic communication, sensory interconnection, and intelligent interaction. The "White Paper" believes that 6G can first achieve the combination of virtual and real, and real-time interaction. In addition, the interaction between human-machine objects and their corresponding digital world in 6G business requires collaboration to achieve transmission and processing of multimodal information resources in different forms on mobile networks, meeting the new characteristics of virtual and real integration and real-time interaction in 6G business scenarios. The Shannon's Law points out the relationship between the maximum transmission rate of noisy channels and broadband. However, since Shannon laid the foundation of information theory, the development of mobile communication technology has gradually approached the limit of communication theory. It is necessary to expand the existing information theory, construct semantic intelligent representation schemes and transmission mechanisms, and break through the transmission limit of communication links,

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