Ministry of Education: 12.91 million applicants for the national college entrance examination in 2023, fully ensuring exam safety


According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination in 2023 was 12.91 million, an increase of 980000 compared to last year, setting a new historical high. The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the member units of the inter ministerial joint meeting on the national unified education examination work, will make overall plans, carefully deploy, guide various regions to carefully organize the examination and provide candidate services, and spare no effort to achieve the goal and task of "safe college entrance examination". 1、 Strictly standardize management and fully ensure exam safety - strictly implement safety responsibilities. In conjunction with the member units of the National Education Unified Examination Interdepartmental Joint Meeting, we will comprehensively deploy the safety work of this year's college entrance examination and effectively consolidate the main responsibilities of various departments in various regions. Guide various regions to comprehensively identify existing safety hazards, improve and improve relevant measures, and firmly adhere to the bottom line of exam safety. ——Strictly standardize exam management. Guide various regions to further improve the examination management system, improve the management of examination staff, printing of test papers, transportation and storage of test papers, implementation of exams, security and confidentiality, and other work standards to ensure fair, safe, scientific, and standardized enrollment for exams. ——Strictly crack down on exam fraud. In conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments, we will jointly carry out a special campaign to combat cheating by prioritizing the prevention of mobile phone cheating. We will take multiple measures and implement comprehensive measures to guide various regions to strengthen measures such as civil defense, material defense, and technical defense. We will strictly enforce entry security inspection standards, strengthen examination supervision and patrols, and crack down on the use of mobile phones and other communication devices for cheating. For candidates and personnel who cheat in the college entrance examination, they will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law and regulations, and resolutely uphold the fairness and impartiality of the college entrance examination. ——Make overall arrangements for epidemic prevention in exams. In conjunction with departments such as the National Health Commission and the National Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention, we will guide various regions to thoroughly summarize past experiences and practices, adhere to scientific and precise epidemic prevention, accurately implement the requirements of "Class B and Class B management", improve the plan and plan, set up examination halls according to different candidates' situations, prepare sufficient backup examination halls and staff, conduct pre exam health monitoring for candidates and staff, refine epidemic prevention measures, and timely release exam epidemic prevention requirements. 2、 Optimize candidate services and fully guarantee the warmth of the college entrance examination - optimize candidate service guarantee. Work closely with the National Meteorological Administration and other departments to analyze information on extreme weather and natural disasters that occurred during the college entrance examination, guide local governments to further improve contingency plans, and ensure timely and effective response to emergencies. Guide all regions to further ensure comprehensive security in areas such as public transportation, food and accommodation hygiene, and noise control. Provide reasonable convenience for nearly 10000 disabled candidates nationwide to participate in the exam. ——Carry out the "2023 College Entrance Examination Escort Action". In conjunction with the member units of the National Education Unified Examination Work Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting, we will continue to carry out the "2023 College Entrance Examination Escort Action", guide various regions to carry out multiple special actions such as "clearing internet related public accounts" and "lighting up the official website logo of authoritative examination and enrollment institutions", and actively create a good examination environment. ——Strengthen guidance on voluntary reporting. Guide universities in various regions to make full use of information technology, carefully organize special consultation services for post college entrance examination volunteer application, and provide policy interpretation, information reference, and consultation services for candidates and parents through multiple channels and methods. Fully leverage the role of secondary school as the main channel, strengthen policy training for senior high school homeroom teachers and teachers, and provide more opportunities for candidates

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