Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Welcome more like-minded partners to join the BRICS "family" as soon as possible


In response to reports that Venezuelan President Maduro expressed his desire to join the BRICS countries, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maoning stated at a regular press conference on the 31st that China supports the BRICS expansion process and welcomes more like-minded partners to join the BRICS "big family" as soon as possible. Mao Ning stated that as an important platform for cooperation between emerging market countries and developing countries, BRICS countries are committed to upholding multilateralism, actively promoting global governance system reform, and enhancing the representation and voice of emerging market countries and developing countries. They have become a positive, stable, and constructive force in international affairs. China has always advocated that the BRICS countries are an open and inclusive mechanism, supporting the process of expanding BRICS membership, and welcoming more like-minded partners to join the BRICS' big family 'as soon as possible, "Mao Ning said. (New News Agency)

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