Tumor diagnosis and treatment entering the era of "integration"


In today's society, the incidence of malignant tumors is increasing and has become the "top killer" threatening human life, seriously affecting family happiness and social harmony. At the launching ceremony of the 29th National Cancer Prevention and Control Week, which ended not long ago, Fan Daiming, president of the China Anti Cancer Association and academician of the CAE Member, said that in order to prevent and control cancer, people's awareness and effective action, the implementation of health prevention and control policies, and the improvement of medical and rehabilitation professional technology are indispensable. It is necessary to give full play to the health management concept of integrated medicine to achieve the integration from industry resources to technical means. After the release of the "China Integrated Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (CACA)" (Cancer Species Chapter) in 2022, this year, the "China Integrated Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (CACA)" (Technical Chapter) has also been officially released, and more than 30 intensive reading lectures will be held nationwide, which also provides important knowledge system support for the practice of integrated cancer medicine. According to the latest cancer report of China released by the National Cancer Center, China has a guide for integrated cancer diagnosis and treatment. In 2016, there were about 4.064 million new cases of malignant tumors and 2.4135 million deaths from malignant tumors, which means that on average, more than 10000 people will be diagnosed with new cancers every day. Lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer and female breast cancer occupy the top five common malignant tumors in China. The promotion of standardized diagnosis and treatment for highly heterogeneous diseases such as tumors is the key to improving the overall level of diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, guidelines play an important role in the tumor prevention and treatment system. It cannot be ignored that there are a large number of patients in China. Despite the extensive experience of doctors, China has been using and referring to foreign cancer guidelines for treatment of patients in China for many years. Although foreign guidelines have certain functions, they cannot completely replace local guidelines, "Fan Daiming said, because not all guidelines are in line with the actual situation in China. Based on the current situation of imbalanced medical resources and poor standardization of diagnosis and treatment in China, in order to achieve the cancer prevention and treatment goals proposed in the "Healthy China 2030" Plan Outline, it is imperative to develop a series of cancer prevention and treatment guidelines that adhere to the 'integrated concept' of tumor entire process management, suitable for the Chinese population, with grassroots accessibility, clinical operability, and disciplinary system Fan Daiming emphasized. From 2022 to 2023, the China Anti Cancer Association organized more than 13000 authoritative experts to collectively compile China's first "China Cancer Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (CACA)". This guide covers 53 common tumor species (tumor species section) and 60 diagnostic and treatment techniques (technical section), adhering to the cross policy of "prevention screening diagnosis treatment health, evaluation support control care life", integrating disciplines, concepts, and technologies, focusing on the epidemiological characteristics, genetic background, original research results, and diagnostic, treatment, and prevention and control characteristics of the Chinese population. It is included in Chinese research, emphasizing Chinese characteristics and considering medical accessibility, and has an international perspective, It is a standardized system of cancer guidelines suitable for the Chinese population, providing important knowledge system support for integrated medical practice in cancer. During this year's National Cancer Prevention and Treatment Promotion Week, the China Anti Cancer Association also used the "China Integrated Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (CACA)" as a starting point to build a nuclear cancer prevention and treatment system

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