Please check this tip for direct settlement for medical treatment in different locations


According to data released by the National Medical Insurance Administration, in the first quarter of 2023, 1.7105 million people successfully completed registration through the national unified online filing channel. At present, all staff medical insurance and resident medical insurance participants can achieve cross provincial and cross regional online medical records through the national medical insurance service platform App and the National Medical Insurance Bureau's WeChat official account. Some patients have raised questions about remote medical records and outpatient settlement for chronic and special diseases, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau has recently provided answers based on some common questions. Q: When processing the medical registration for a different location, the prompt is "there is already registration information, there is no need to file again". But the insured person has never done online filing, and may have had relatives and friends help with it a long time ago. Where can I find valid filing information? Answer: Log in to the National Medical Insurance Service Platform App or the National Non local Medical Registration WeChat mini program, click on "Online Application for Non local Registration" to enter the Non local Registration Zone, and then click on the "Registration Record" button at the bottom of the page to enter the Non local Medical Registration Record page to query the status of non local medical registration. There are three options at the top of the page. The first two options, "Quick Filing" and "Self service Opening", are the query options for filing in the national unified filing channels (including the national medical insurance service platform App, the national medical insurance bureau's WeChat official account, etc.). You can query the progress and results of previous online filings, The third option, "Local Platform", is an online filing channel developed by the local medical insurance department or a query option processed on-site by the medical insurance agency in the insured area. You can choose to query the effective filing status, including the filing location and filing validity period. Image on the official website of the National Medical Insurance Bureau. It is recommended that insured individuals find the "local platform" registration record in the National Medical Insurance Service Platform App to understand their effective registration status before filing online or when the online registration prompt indicates that they have already processed the registration. Q: In addition to five kinds of outpatient chronic and special diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer outpatient chemotherapy and radiotherapy, uremia dialysis, and anti rejection treatment after organ transplantation, if the insured personnel also have the qualification for treatment of other outpatient chronic and special diseases, how should they settle their accounts when visiting related diseases in different places? A: At present, on the basis of the full coverage of cross provincial direct settlement of general outpatient expenses in all regions of the country, all regions of the country have achieved cross provincial direct settlement of treatment expenses related to chronic and special diseases in five outpatient clinics, including hypertension, diabetes, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in malignant tumor clinics, uremic dialysis, and anti rejection treatment after organ transplantation. If the insured person has the eligibility for outpatient treatment for chronic and special diseases beyond the above 5 types, it is important not to settle the general outpatient expenses directly across provinces when seeking medical treatment for related diseases in other places. They must settle the expenses at designated medical institutions in full according to the regulations of the insured place, and then return to the insured place for manual reimbursement. If you want to know your eligibility for outpatient treatment of chronic and special diseases, you can log in to the National Medical Insurance Service Platform App to inquire. (Outlook New Era Network)

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