Let's have a better understanding of Xiaowa's health preservation at the beginning of summer


The beginning of summer this year is May 6th. The beginning of summer marks the beginning of summer, with an increase in sunlight, temperatures, thunderstorms, and vigorous plant growth. Traditional Chinese medicine believes in the unity of heaven and man, and health preservation requires nourishing yang in spring and summer, and nourishing yin in autumn and winter. And the constitution of children is "childish yin and childish yang", which requires more attention to health preservation. Today, traditional Chinese medicine doctors will introduce how children can nourish yang. Going to bed late, getting up early, and taking a suitable lunch break into the beginning of summer make the length of the day and the length of the night more pronounced. At this time, people need to adapt to the changes in climate, and sleep at night can be slightly later than in spring to adapt to the deficiency of yin qi; You should wake up early in the morning to adapt to the abundance of yang energy. If children lack sleep, they are prone to symptoms such as loss of appetite, irritability, and weight loss. After the beginning of summer, due to staying up late and waking up early, there is relatively little sleep time at night, so it is necessary to develop the habit of taking a nap. But the nap time should not be too long, usually within half an hour to one hour. It should be noted that when a child sleeps, even if the weather is hot, something should be covered on their stomach; Do not rest in areas with ventilation openings in the hall to avoid external cold sensations. After the beginning of summer, the weather gradually became hot, but the yin cold at the end of spring had not yet dissipated, and the yang qi had gradually risen, with a large temperature difference between day and night. In addition, during the beginning of summer, there was a significant increase in rainfall, with cool, hot, and humid weather. Children's physical constitution is prone to deficiency and consolidation, and their tolerance to cold and heat is poor. Wearing too much or too little clothing can lead to imbalance between cold and heat, weakening the body's resistance. Therefore, it is important to add clothing when it is cold in the morning and evening, and reduce it appropriately when it is hot during the day. Choose a cotton cardigan that has strong moisture absorption and is easy to put on and off, while also paying attention to frequent bathing, changing clothes, and washing and drying bedding. Try to avoid contact with cold and dampness to prevent respiratory and digestive system diseases such as colds and diarrhea. In addition, children can be given a regular vest to "keep their back warm". During outdoor activities, a sweat towel can be placed on the back to absorb sweat. After the activity, it should be promptly extracted to prevent catching a cold. Exercise regularly to avoid excessive sweating, as the saying goes, "Exercise generates yang". Only by exercising can we better elevate yang qi and strengthen the functions of the organs. After entering summer, the yang qi gradually rises, and with the vigorous growth and development of children, they often sweat profusely when moving. Sweating can easily damage the body's heart qi and heart yin, and after sweating, the striae become loose and the pores become more dilated. At this time, the evil of wind, cold, and dampness can easily take advantage of the deficiency and harm the body's yang qi, causing external nasal congestion, sore throat, fever, or symptoms of headache, body pain, and joint pain. Therefore, the exercise intensity of children in late spring and early summer should be moderate to prevent excessive sweating and yang damage. Outdoor sports are recommended when the sun has just risen in the morning or when the sun is about to set in the evening. You can choose relatively peaceful exercise methods such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, and Baduanjin. After exercise, it is necessary to drink warm water appropriately to replenish the consumed body fluids. In addition, after sweating, it is important to avoid taking off clothes in the wind or blowing them in the wind after taking off. Sweating clothes should not be worn for a long time. The body should be wiped dry in a timely manner and replaced with dry clothes to prevent dampness from lingering on the skin and joints, causing skin itching and limb soreness. A light diet should not be greedy for coolness. After the beginning of summer, as the temperature gradually increases, people are prone to craving coolness and liking coldness. Children with incomplete spleen and stomach function often drink cold drinks, eat ice cream, and chilled watermelons, which can directly damage the spleen and stomach yang qi due to the evil of cold and dampness

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