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Dawan District Modern Industry Development Research Institute and Pop Music Association jointly cultivate high-level talents


Recently, the Guangdong Pop Music Association held the 2022 "Association Award" award ceremony and the 2023 Spring Festival Gala banquet. In order to promote the high-quality development of Guangdong pop music and the cultivation of music talents under the new development pattern, the Dawan District Modern Industry Development Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Research Institute") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Guangdong Pop Music Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") to jointly cultivate high-level pop music talents. Guangdong pop music is one of the important cultural achievements of Guangdong's reform and opening up, an important cultural brand with great commercial and artistic value in Guangdong, and the earliest cultural industry in China to enter market-oriented operation. Gao Xiang, chairman of the Guangdong Pop Music Association, believes that talent is a key factor in promoting the rapid development of Guangdong's music industry. Guangdong pop musicians have a large team and great influence. Under the new development pattern, it is necessary to increase the training, support, and transformation of talents, and strive to create a highland of music talents with international influence. Educators of pop music, whether in terms of musical thinking or teaching methods, should use digital thinking to innovate as soon as possible. Only by using new methods to cultivate more outstanding pop music talents, will the development of Chinese pop music be more vibrant. Cao Changlin, member of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and executive director of the Dawan District Modern Industry Development Research Institute, said that as an important component of modern music, pop music has a wide range of practitioners and a deep foundation, and the education of pop music is entering a new exploration stage. Currently, high level degree education resources in pop music are scarce, making admission to universities very difficult. After nearly three years of development, the Research Institute, as the China Center of Thailand's Royal Oriental University of Technology, has trained a number of master's and doctoral students who have significantly improved their theory and practice. The social response has been enthusiastic. At the same time, it has established an international chemistry exchange platform for musicians who want to improve their academic qualifications and abilities. In the context of the digital era, renowned masters and doctoral instructors have taught how to deeply integrate pop music and digitization, allowing the music industry to burst into digital charm. The two sides aim to jointly cultivate high-level talents in the music profession, based on innovation, and take cultivating high-level and highly educated talents as their own responsibility. Provide and leverage both parties' resource advantages, integrate innovative elements such as digitization and pop music into the teaching system, achieve high-quality education, and contribute to the development of pop music. (Liao Xinshe)

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