The military's financial work has basically taken shape in a war oriented support pattern


"Your department is requested to raise special funds within two hours to deliver..." A few days ago, an emergency response funding support practical exercise was launched at a training ground. In the billowing smoke of gunpowder, the emergency fund guarantee team of a centralized fund collection and payment management center received instructions to immediately carry out fund raising and dispatching. As a new quality support force, the emergency fund support team made its debut in the military arena, completing the fund delivery and accompanying support tasks to a high standard, marking the basic formation of the military's financial work to combat support pattern. In recent years, the financial work of the entire military has focused on building a strong modern logistics, deeply integrated into the construction of the integrated support system for joint operations, and comprehensively deepened and expanded the construction of "war based finance", guided by the construction of a scientifically configured and continuously powerful war cost allocation system. Allocate resources for the war. Focusing on the construction of the core combat effectiveness of the military, we should guide financial resources to focus on the generation of system combat capabilities, and prioritize limited resources to urgently needed equipment, scientific research, and training site construction. The military expenditure support structure is characterized by its operational and effectiveness characteristics. Establish and improve a dynamic adjustment mechanism for military expenditure allocation. On the premise of maintaining the overall stability of the allocation scale, regularly optimize and improve standard projects, improve the level of support, and form a standard adjustment mechanism that increases, decreases, and retains, to improve the accuracy and concentration of financial resources allocation from the source. Rebuild and build a new era of military official business expense supply standard system, print and issue official business expense wartime supply standards, establish combat readiness mobility expense standards, and improve the military's emergency response support capability. Guarantee and excellent service. Various types of benefits support are being biased towards training and preparing for war. Standards for the living benefits of wartime personnel have been introduced, and the standard for death insurance benefits has been regularly adjusted. Management methods for visiting relatives, travel expenses, and post allowances for officers and soldiers in mission forces have been optimized and improved. Decentralize funding authority to frontline troops, appropriately increase the autonomy of the use of troops' funding. Standard funds in the charge of units and departments below the military level can be used interchangeably, and standard funds in the charge of grassroots units can be fully coordinated, facilitating the autonomous construction of grassroots troops. In order to establish a spending orientation towards war, research and establish a negative list of funding expenditures, clarify 16 types of prohibited content, and ensure that wherever training and preparation for war extend, funding support will follow up. Plan for war and build a mechanism. Actively build a long-term institutional mechanism covering the entire link of "funding, supply, use, and management" for wartime financial support. Reform the fund supply guarantee mechanism, comprehensively implement the reform of centralized collection and payment of military funds, and establish a centralized collection and payment system for funds. Instead of transferring funds layer by layer through institutional channels, the Military Commission Finance Department will directly transfer funds to the receiving and paying institutions in parallel, and the settlement room will directly guarantee the collection and payment of funds for troops under the jurisdiction of the region, achieving flat support, significantly improving the efficiency and efficiency of fund supply guarantee. Establish a combat readiness operation support mechanism, establish emergency support teams relying on centralized fund collection and payment institutions, sign emergency fund settlement service support agreements with multiple state-owned commercial banks, and develop cross regional fund support plans to maximize the emergency payment and settlement needs of the military. (Liao Xinshe)

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