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Many people have had the experience that if you browse social hot news on your mobile phone, relevant content will continue to be pushed to you; If you have searched for a certain type of home appliance product, advertisements for related home appliance products will soon appear on your phone... In fact, behind this are all "customized" based on algorithmic information technology specifically tailored to your preferences. The convenience and accuracy of obtaining information makes people unable to stop easily realizing "see I want to see, listen I want to hear", which makes many people addicted and difficult to extricate themselves. A foreign scholar has proposed the concept of "information cocoon room" - in the process of online information dissemination, the public often only pays attention to the content they choose and the information fields that make them happy, and over time, they place themselves in the shackles of a cocoon like "cocoon room". "Life is like a spring silkworm, cocooned and self wrapped." The invention of the Internet was originally conducive to more efficient and convenient access to information and broaden our horizons. However, being in the "information cocoon room" is like closing yourself in an echo room, where everyone hears only their own echoes, and the same opinions are constantly reinforced and repeated, while different opinions are filtered and shielded, creating a cocoon that binds itself without knowing it. Some people say, "I searched for eggplants online once, and then I saw them all in purple.". The algorithm itself is not wrong. It can help us quickly and accurately filter out what we need from massive amounts of information, automatically filtering out content that we "don't agree with" or are not interested in, and improving our efficiency and comfort in obtaining information. However, this kind of precise "feed" push method that suits its best interests not only blocks out diverse information, but also may lead to an increasingly unitary way of understanding the world, believing that "one can understand the world from one screen to one hand," and accidentally falling into the "information cocoon" woven by algorithms. This must arouse our high vigilance. Military personnel do not live in a vacuum. In the era of mobile internet, we are enjoying the convenience and opportunities brought by the internet, but also facing challenges and shocks. The "information cocoon room" is one of them. Young officers and soldiers are in a critical period of cultivating their world outlook, outlook on life, and values. If they cannot break the shackles of the "information cocoon", they will easily lose their composure and direction in the face of various types of massive information; In the pastime of fragmented browsing and satisfying visual stimuli, it is easy to stay away from reading, learning, and thinking, and downplay the brotherly, life-and-death, comrade-in-arms relationship; In the repeated reinforcement of the same or similar views, it is easy to be biased, biased, and blind, forming cognitive bias. In today's era, with the surging tide of digital information and the rapid development of network technology, we cannot limit ourselves to a "well" or a "cocoon". Each officer and soldier should pay attention to improving their media literacy, improve their ability to recognize, analyze, and distinguish between right and wrong, correctly screen and judge information received from various aspects, and prevent pushed information and opinions from leading the way. We should abandon fragmented and superficial reading habits and cultivate the good habit of independent thinking and in-depth research. Soldier leaders at all levels should first learn, use, and understand the network to improve their ability to use the network to carry out work. Be good at guiding officers and soldiers to

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