Shortly after the closing of the National Two Sessions in 2023, China's diplomacy as a major country with Chinese characteristics started a new journey. Over the past 10 years, the international situation has been changing rapidly, and the impact and inspiration of the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind have become increasingly prominent. This has brought together a broad international consensus and injected strong confidence, courage, and strength to build a better world together. "The light of truth that illuminates the times -" The Chinese plan is to build a community of shared future for mankind and achieve win-win results. "" In this world, countries are increasingly interconnected and interdependent, living in the same global village, in the same time and space where history and reality converge, and increasingly becoming a community of shared future with each other. "March 23, 2013, Moscow Institute of International Relations. At this time, the world is in a period of great development, transformation, and adjustment. Human progress has many positive factors, but also faces many difficulties and challenges. What kind of world will we build? How to build this world? Become the question of the times before all mankind. The concept of a community with a shared future for mankind is a profound reflection on the era's proposition of "where does human society go?" It is a Chinese plan for building a better world. September 28, 2015, United Nations Headquarters, New York. January 18, 2017, Palais des Nations, Geneva. "Adhere to dialogue and consultation to build a world of lasting peace", "Adhere to joint construction and sharing to build a universally safe world", "Adhere to win-win cooperation to build a world of common prosperity", "Adhere to exchanges and mutual learning to build an open and inclusive world", "Adhere to green and low-carbon to build a clean and beautiful world" - this is the beautiful vision of a community with a shared future for humanity presented by China in the new era to the world. In the past 10 years, from proposing the overall path of "Five in One" to elaborating the overall layout of "Five Worlds"; From building a community of shared destiny at the national and regional levels to building a community of shared destiny in cyberspace, nuclear safety, oceans, health, and other fields around the world; From the "the Belt and Road" initiative to the global development initiative, the global security initiative, the global civilization initiative... the concept connotation of building a community with a shared future for mankind

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