New consumption space stimulates new vitality


Recently, on the old street of Fengfu Road in Qinhuai District, Nanjing, a small neighborhood store named "Ertiao Store" has become popular. "Last December, with the support of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, we re integrated five different types of small stores into this one. The new store has been open for more than three months, and our fans on Xiaohongshu, Tiktok, Weibo and other platforms have increased by more than 100000. Now, we have to receive more than 1000 customers every weekend, and the average daily sales on weekends are close to 50000 yuan." Yang Zhi, the owner of the store, told reporters that they have integrated art and life across borders, Let the consumption scene take on a new look and attract more young people to come to clock in for experience. There are still many small stores across the country that expand their consumption space and unleash more energy consumption, such as "Two Stores". Recently, with the introduction and implementation of a package of policies and follow-up measures to stabilize the economy, various regions have actively created consumption agglomeration areas, constructed new consumption landmarks, built a 15-minute convenient living circle, and continuously created new consumption spaces to promote the release of consumption vitality. "Small town model", a new business form actively explored by Wuhan City in recent years, is a scene renovation to help upgrade consumption. In July 2021, Hankou Town, the first "small town business" in the north of Hankou, was officially unveiled. In the Baroque classical style architectural complex, time-honored brands such as Wang Yuxia and Cai Linji presented new faces and welcomed guests. Nostalgic places such as Li Fen, pawnshops, bookstores, theaters, and clothing bureaus were rebuilt and reborn, adding a sense of traversal to the town, including retro fire engines, rickshaws, patrol houses, photo studios, and teahouses. After nearly two years of operation, Hankou Town has become a new consumption landmark and a new engine of consumption growth in Hubei. This retro immersive cultural experience street has tens of thousands of people coming to clock in every day. The Wanguo Town, which is separated from Hankou Town by a street, started operation in May 2022, creating seven world style markets, and opening multiple import commodity galleries, including the Nordic Life Pavilion, the Japanese and Korean Commodity Pavilion, and the European and American Fashion Pavilion. The popularity here is also very high. It has become a necessary leisure option for many families to come in groups to sit on the "Eye of Hanbei" ferris wheel, buy some global featured products, and have a family dinner. The "small town model" is just a microcosm of Hubei's ability to adapt to the trend of consumption upgrading, create new experiential consumption scenarios, deeply connect with the source of high-quality and large-scale industries, and reshape the advantages of the supply chain. In recent years, new consumption formats and models in Hubei Province have been deeply integrated into people's lives. With the theme of catering features, sports and fitness, and fashion shopping, night consumption models that integrate multiple formats such as night food, night shopping, night travel, and night health have emerged; A new consumption ecosystem across the entire industrial chain of production, sales, applications, and services is being formed. Night markets are an important component of the urban night economy. The night market in the tropical island province of Hainan has always been popular with citizens and tourists. In Haikou, night stalls dot the streets. In Meilan District, Haikou City, the first entertainment and art street in Haikou, Cyathea Bay, is crowded with tourists every night, and the business in the store is booming. This trendy street, which is positioned to serve young consumer groups and focuses on "fun, culture, and art" and integrates entertainment, tourism, leisure, and situational experience, is becoming an important destination for night tourism in Haikou. Friendly service leads innovation and transformation Actually, Nanjing Ertiao Store

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