"Pay for beauty, but also for health" -- Women become the new main force in the sports consumption market


Female users occupy "half the sky" in the gym, and tension bands and yoga pants "fire out of the loop". A reporter's recent survey found that the sports market is becoming a new outlet of "her economy". Behind the surge of female sports consumption, it is the result of the common changes of people's living standards, consumption concepts, health awareness and many other factors. More than 50% of female users of the gymnasium Ms. Xu is engaged in marketing in Shanghai. After her busy work, she most often goes to the boxing hall not far from the company. "It has been several years since I came here to fight. Basically, I have two or three private classes every week. It has become a habit. I can not only exercise my body, but also sweat every time I come here, and I feel very good." Ms. Xu, who is nearly 50 years old, has a straight posture, beautiful muscle lines, and a bright smile on her face when she speaks. The boxing house that Ms. Xu often goes to is called Pulin Women's Boxing Club, which is a boxing house for female members. Its founder, Gong Jin, told reporters that since its establishment in 2010, the membership of the boxing hall has increased year by year, and now it has more than 3000 members. "More and more women are beginning to pay attention to their physical and mental health, and are more willing to spend money for it." Gong Jin said that in the past few women practiced boxing, but in recent years, the number of women willing to participate in boxing has increased significantly. The boxing club provides members with two forms of training services, private education and group class, and the monthly class hours of regular members are between 1500 yuan and 2000 yuan. Reporters have visited many places and learned that women have increasingly become the main force of the fitness consumption market in recent years. "At present, women customers are our main consumer group, their age is about 25 to 35 years old, and the user stickiness is strong, and the renewal rate can reach more than 60%." said Zhang Huan, head of a gym in Taiyuan, Shanxi. According to the data released last year by the fitness industry Internet platform "Leke Sports", the proportion of its female members will reach 54% in 2022. The average female users will exercise three or four times a week, with an average time of one hour. In addition, the proportion of female private education users is more than five times that of male users. Jiao Ni, Assistant Secretary-General of the China Sports Goods Industry Federation, said that the sampling survey of the Federation showed that in the trend of home-based fitness triggered by the epidemic, women became the main force of consumption, and the average sports consumption of women showed explosive growth during the epidemic, among which the consumption of women in the purchase of fitness cards, private education courses, sports App members and other aspects has significantly increased. The increase in sales of women's sports equipment has also led to the increase in sales of fitness products. In the past, men were the main force of sports goods consumption. Now, the proportion of female users is expanding rapidly, especially in sports clothing, small fitness equipment and other fields. "In the past, when I opened my Taobao shopping cart, there were all kinds of cosmetics and snacks lying in it. Now many of them have been replaced by sportswear and dumbbells." Li Dandan, a middle school teacher, said that in recent years she has paid more and more attention to health, and her investment in sports has also increased significantly. "Pay for beauty, but also for health.".'s 2022 Women's Consumption Trend Report shows that the number of commodities purchased by women in swimming, ice sports, skiing and other aspects has continued to grow, with the fastest growing commodity category

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