The e-commerce platform produces according to demand, improves products, and optimizes supply to explore "big market" from "small demand"


After the short video or live content reaches the consumer, if the consumer is interested in the relevant products, he can directly complete the transaction by moving his finger. The Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council recently released the report "Research on the Mechanism and Policy of New E-commerce Models to Create New Brands and Stimulate New Consumption" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), proposing that China's e-commerce model is still in continuous innovation and iteration, and a large number of new demands for consumption upgrading are emerging through live e-commerce and other models. Every night before going to bed, Ms. Li, a resident of Shanghai, will pay attention to the live broadcast of e-commerce. "There is nothing clear about what you want to buy, just to see what good things are recommended in the live broadcast room." Ms. Li said that she recently ordered a whole wheat bread after watching the recommendation of the anchor. "Independent packaging is convenient and healthy." Like Ms. Li, more and more users have developed a new shopping habit: look at the content of interest online, and meet "good things" by the way. Compared with the traditional e-commerce consumption model of "people looking for goods", the new e-commerce model has realized the transformation from passive waiting for user search to active pre-judgment of user preferences with the help of information clues with richer dimensions, and has carried out accurate push without reducing the consumer experience as much as possible, thus realizing "people looking for goods". He Qing, the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project filigree inlay, found a new fan group of this traditional handicraft through short video and live broadcast. Filigree inlay, also known as fine gold technology, has a long history. At the suggestion of his son, He Qing opened an account of Tiktok to introduce why the filigree inlaying process is the top knowledge of the "Eight Specialties of Yanjing", attracting more than 2 million fans. While gathering peers, He Qing's Tiktok account also realized "bringing goods". There is a small fish ornament with filigree inlay technology in her living room, which will be sold out soon every time it goes on the shelf. Up to now, He Qing has sold more than 300000 handicrafts through Tiktok e-commerce. "I found that the filigree inlaying process has formed a positive cycle in the Tiktok e-commerce. It was said that filigree handicrafts could not be sold because people did not understand and there was no place to understand. When they knew about this handicraft, many people were willing to buy it," He Qing said. According to the Report, under the mode of interest e-commerce or content e-commerce, a new chain of "content/interest - demand activation - purchase - display and sharing" has been formed. "Vertical customers" improve the "repurchase rate". With the help of the new e-commerce model, commodity suppliers and consumers can also establish real-time interaction through live broadcast rooms and other channels, and consumers can directly express their needs to the brand side, which helps manufacturers to adjust their strategies faster, improve their products, and develop accurately. Luo Xinhua is a garment industry practitioner. After some accumulation, he opened a factory in 2007 to specialize in men's wear design, mainly focusing on offline wholesale and OEM production. For a long time, he has been plagued by problems such as long product feedback cycle, inventory backlog and long payment cycle. At the end of 2020, Luo Xinhua opened a short video account "Shirt Laoluo" to build a brand. In Luo Xinhua's view, the core value that interested e-commerce brings to enterprises is to help enterprises shorten the test time cycle between product creation and consumer market. In the past, the product market feedback cycle was 3 months, but wait 3

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