What is the economic potential of a small courtyard?


Some open farmhouses, homestays and picking gardens to create good places for leisure and tourism around; Some have become the most popular places in village and town fairs by sending and receiving express delivery and live broadcast with goods; Some open small supermarkets, repair shops, and family workshops to serve local production and life... In many villages, farmyard plays a variety of functions and plays a colorful role. This year, the "courtyard economy" was written into the No. 1 central document for the first time. The document clearly puts forward "encouraging conditional farmers in poverty-stricken areas to develop courtyard economy". What is courtyard economy? What is the potential? "Micro economy" activates the "spring water" of rural revitalization. "Come and show you our yard." In Shufu County, Xinjiang, the villager Muzi always warmly invites you to visit his masterpiece - the front and back yard, which is full of fruits and melons all year round. The overall area of the courtyard is not large, but the big trees in front of the house are set off. Nearby, there are all kinds of green plants and potted plants neatly placed. A small flower bed is also planted with flowers, Chinese herbal medicine and green leafy vegetables, which are very beautiful; There are grape shelves, apricot and pear orchards, cattle and sheep pens, and agricultural machinery in the backyard, which are very exquisite. "Don't look down on this big piece of land. There are melons, fruits and vegetables to eat at home, beef and mutton can be sold out, and the Chinese herbal medicine just planted is said to have good economic benefits." Muzi said, taking farm implements to work during the busy farming season, and taking care of the yard at home during the slack farming season, the annual income is not bad! Although the courtyard is small, it has many functions. When idle land resources are effectively activated, the "micro economy" with various forms of business is activating the "spring water" of rural revitalization. What exactly does courtyard economy mean? Generally speaking, the courtyard economy refers to the farmer's family yard economy, which refers to the economic form of small-scale production and operation of farmers with their own residential yards and surrounding fields as the spatial scope, with families as the unit, and providing agricultural local products and related services for their own families and society. It is an integral part of the agricultural economy. This year, "courtyard economy" was written into the No. 1 central document for the first time. "The big background is the need to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and keep the bottom line of large-scale poverty reduction. Developing courtyard economy is an important way to increase income and become rich." He Anhua, director of the Rural Development and Urban-Rural Relations Research Office of the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, told the reporter. At the end of September 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the National Rural Revitalization Bureau issued the Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding the High-quality Development of Courtyard Economy in Poverty Alleviation Areas, which clearly stated that "high-quality development of courtyard economy is an effective way to promote local and local employment and entrepreneurship, develop rural characteristic industries, and expand sources of income increase." The data of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security showed that the number of people out of poverty working was 32.78 million in 2022, A year-on-year increase of 1.33 million people. For the poverty-stricken people who are unable to work outside due to various reasons, the development of courtyard economy can form a powerful complement to employment outside. In He Anhua's view, the development of courtyard economy is beneficial to many parties. For farmers, it is helpful to make rational use of idle resources such as courtyards and increase a share of income for families. For the village, the development of the courtyard will help to add the green and cultural flavor of the village, combine the production and living of the residents with the beautification of the environment, and homesickness will also have an emotional carrier. For the county, the courtyard gathers and cultivates characteristic products

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