"Why is it so hard to watch TV on TV?" The reporter investigated the "routine" of smart TV


"Why is it so troublesome to watch TV?" During the Spring Festival this year, my son sent a new year gift - a large LCD smart TV. However, from the moment when the TV was turned on, Mr. Zhang Bingcheng, who lives in Langfang, Hebei Province, complained constantly. "You can't skip the mandatory viewing of advertisements when you turn on the TV. The various icons on the home page make people wonder how to operate. It's not easy to open a TV series. You have to open members to watch the whole episode. In addition to the members of the TV itself, there are also various App members. You have to buy a set-top box to open a digital channel to watch TV programs. Why is it so hard to watch TV with TV?" In recent years, from cable to digital to the network, With the rapid development of TV technology, today's smart TV has greatly increased the range of options for watching programs after being connected to the Internet. However, a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily recently found that there are many criticized problems in the use of smart TV. From on/off advertising to member doll-type charging, from inconvenient use, unfriendly to the elderly to after-sales service can't really solve the problem, a series of "routines" of smart TV need to be improved. "Every time you turn on the TV, you have to watch a segment of the advertisement. When you turn off the TV, you have to watch it again. Sometimes you have to watch the advertisement to order a program. You originally want to watch TV, but you are hit head-on by the long commercial." Ding Lei of Jiangsu Wuxi told the reporter that his smart TV will have about 30 seconds of startup advertising every time you turn on it. Every time you switch channels, It will often automatically pop up "TV watching members, limited time ×× He was disgusted by similar advertisements such as "Yuan Yi Nian". According to the 2021 Research Report on Smart TV On-Off Advertisements released by the People's Academy of Finance and Economics, more than 89.9% of respondents said that smart TV in their homes contained on-off advertisements, 86.09% of manufacturers did not set the "one-button cancel or close button" for on-off advertisements, while 72.73% of respondents said that "one second can not bear" for the on-off advertisement. It is worth noting that in 2020, the China Electronic Video Industry Association has formulated the group standard "Smart TV Startup Advertising Service Specification", which stipulates that "the total duration of startup advertising should not exceed 30 seconds, and the recommended advertising duration in this specification should be less than 15 seconds". The Advertising Law stipulates that the use of the Internet to publish and send advertisements shall not affect the normal use of the Internet by users. Advertisements published in the form of pop-ups on Internet pages should be marked with a closing sign to ensure one-click closing. Despite the earlier regulations, the reporter found in the investigation that the illegal behavior of switching on and off advertising of smart TV is still very common. Many smart TV ads not only last more than 30 seconds, but also do not provide a close sign in a prominent position, or even skip or close the sign at all. In addition to the advertising problem, many respondents said that the charging rules of smart TV are troublesome. "After spending money to buy a TV, you have to pay for it layer by layer". Liang Jing, from Suzhou, Anhui Province, said in an interview that she now regrets buying a smart TV. "At that time, the propaganda was 4K ultra-high-definition picture quality and hi-fi audio system. Owning it was equivalent to owning a home theater

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