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Huang Kunming went to Foshan to investigate and challenge Daliang bravely and strive to make achievements in high-quality development and break a new path


On February 2, Huang Kunming, the secretary of the provincial party committee, went to Foshan City to go deep into the countryside, enterprises, industrial parks, provincial laboratories and historical and cultural blocks, to study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, to promote the implementation of the deployment requirements of the second plenary session of the 13th provincial party committee, the provincial party committee economic work conference and the provincial high-quality development conference, and to speed up the pace of high-quality development in the new year, and to carry out research, emphasizing the need to anchor the goals and make full efforts, With a strong sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, we will work hard to develop the quality of the work in depth, and work hard to make a solid start to the work of the whole year, and comprehensively show the good momentum of striving for progress and striving for the top. Foshan is a big manufacturing city. Since the reform and opening up, a number of manufacturing enterprises with strong strength and distinctive characteristics have grown up. Huang Kunming successively came to Kuka Robot (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Midea Group Basic Research Institute and Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., went into the enterprise's production workshops and laboratories, and had in-depth exchanges with the enterprise's operators, technical research and development personnel and front-line industrial workers on improving product competitiveness, cultivating core patents, and cultivating skilled talents, so as to understand the enterprise's technological innovation investment in detail Research and development of key product layout and market development at home and abroad. He pointed out that Foshan's manufacturing industry has a profound accumulation and a solid foundation. It is necessary to keep this solid position, make great efforts to focus on technological transformation, rely on industry leaders to form innovation consortiums and technological innovation alliances, accelerate the tackling of common key technologies in the industry with integrated innovation, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, improve the level of industrial development, and consolidate and expand the leading edge. Shunde Han's Village Reconstruction Industrial Park covers an area of 1550 mu. After the transformation, it will focus on robot intelligent manufacturing, and has introduced a number of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in the industrial chain. Huang Kunming listened to the introduction of the relevant leaders of Shunde District and the park on the transformation and industrial upgrading of the park, fully affirmed the local experience and practice of promoting the transformation and upgrading of village-level industrial parks according to local conditions and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industries to achieve Phoenix Nirvana, and stressed the need to do a good job of summary and sorting, speed up the replication and promotion, drive all regions to create more modern production space, speed up the industrial upstairs, and further improve the efficiency of land use, Optimize the industrial planning and layout, and promote the expansion, quality and efficiency of industrial parks. At Jihua Laboratory, located in Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Huang Kunming had in-depth exchanges with the core team of the laboratory, carefully reviewed the latest research and development and industrialization achievements, and understood the research direction of the laboratory, construction and operation, the combination of production, study and research, and the introduction of talents at home and abroad in detail. He encouraged everyone to make further efforts, continue to promote the innovation of the organizational model and governance structure, sink down to do research, and keep close to the needs of industrial development, Gather and integrate domestic and foreign advantageous innovation resources, strengthen the accumulation of original technologies, accelerate the incubation and transformation of achievements, and better support the manufacturing industry to become better and stronger. Lingnan Tiandi, located in Zumiao Street, has been transformed into a historical and cultural block with the most dense and largest scale of local cultural relics and the most complete preservation of traditional style and features. Huang Kunming inspected the revitalization of the old city, the conservation and display of traditional culture, and the development of the cultural tourism industry in the block along the street, and asked the local departments concerned to take into account the historical heritage and modernization, make good efforts to "embroider", innovate ways and methods, and let the old city glow with new vitality and vitality in the conservation and activation,

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