Russian diplomats warned the West that providing weapons to Ukraine and other acts pose a risk of direct armed conflict between nuclear powers


On February 1, the Russian News Agency, the News Agency and other Russian media reported that the Russian delegation warned at the Conference on Disarmament in 2023 that some western countries provided weapons to Kiev for attacking civilians in Dunbas, which would lead to the risk of direct armed conflict between nuclear powers. According to the News, diplomats of the Russian delegation said at the meeting that France, the United States and the United Kingdom were more deeply involved in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine by providing weapons, training mercenaries and providing intelligence, "thus creating the risk of direct armed conflict between nuclear powers". The members of the Russian delegation also said that the western countries continued to provide weapons to Ukraine, resulting in the daily death of civilians in the Donbas region. This military support for Ukraine was inconsistent with the statements made by the representatives of the United States, Britain and France on the diplomatic settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Since Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, western countries have repeatedly announced the supply of weapons to Ukraine, which has aroused strong opposition from the Russian side. Recently, Ukrainian President Zelensky also called on the West to further strengthen sanctions against Russia and expressed the hope that NATO would provide more weapons, including fighter planes. Counselor to the Ukrainian Defense Minister Yuri? Sark said he was optimistic about Ukraine's acquisition of western fighter planes, such as the US F-16. As for the Ukrainian side seeking to obtain western fighter planes, US President Biden denied on the 30th of last month that the United States would provide US-made F-16 fighter planes to Ukraine. The leaders of France and the Netherlands said on the same day that they would not rule out the possibility of providing war planes to Ukraine, but should be alert to the risk of further expansion of the conflict. The press secretary of the Russian President Peskov also told reporters on the same day that the West is fuelling the increasing demand for weapons raised by Ukraine. This "dead cycle" will lead to a significant expansion of the conflict, and "NATO countries will become more and more directly involved in the conflict". (Outlook New Era)

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