time will not wait for me! The "No. 1 Document" in various places played the spring marching song


At the beginning of the new year, "striving for the economy" has become the consensus of all regions, and the starting momentum has been sounded. How to do the work in the new year? The "No. 1 Document" of the Spring Festival in various places can be described as a concise deployment of the key work throughout the year. Recently, many provinces have issued the "No. 1 Document" to clarify the starting point and sound the starting gun for the economic work in the new year. Promoting consumption is the "ballast stone" to stabilize economic development. During the Spring Festival holiday, the consumer market with booming supply and demand welcomed a "good start", which set a good start for the steady recovery of consumer confidence and the continuous burst of economic vitality. To strike while the iron is hot, consumption has been listed as the key task of the year in the "No.1 Document" of many provinces. Jiangsu Province, whose GDP will reach a new level of 12 trillion yuan in 2022, put forward 42 policies and measures in 12 aspects in the Several Policies and Measures for Promoting the First Overall Improvement of Economic Operation, aiming to boost development confidence and promote the first improvement of economic operation. Efforts to restore and boost consumption are of great significance for Jiangsu to take the lead in improving its economic performance as a whole. Zhou Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, said that Jiangsu would work together from both sides of supply and demand. The focus of the supply side is to accelerate the construction of a modern commercial circulation system and promote the benign interaction between supply and demand; The focus of the demand-side is to improve the driving effect of consumption promotion activities and continue to release consumption potential. Based on this, Jiangsu clearly focuses on restoring and boosting consumption. In addition to vigorously promoting the recovery and innovative development of cultural and tourism enterprises, it also puts forward to organize and carry out the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, green smart appliances to the countryside and other consumption promotion activities, as well as continue to implement the policy of exemption of vehicle purchase tax for new energy vehicles. Shanghai has also given the new energy vehicle market "reassurance". The Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting Confidence, Expanding Demand, Stabilizing Growth and Promoting Development launched a total of 10 actions and 32 policy measures. It is proposed that individual consumers who buy pure electric vehicles before the end of June this year will be given a financial subsidy of 10000 yuan per vehicle, and consumers who buy green smart appliances will be given a one-time subsidy of 10%, up to 1000 yuan. At the same time, Shanghai will also comprehensively restore and boost consumption through shopping festivals, cultural festivals, art seasons, exhibition industries and other consumption scenarios. Liaoning, the first province in Northeast China's economy, also attaches importance to the creation of consumption scenarios. In the "Several Policies and Measures for Further Stabilizing the Economy in Liaoning Province", it proposes to focus on creating new consumption scenarios, increase support for county-level commerce and key commercial circulation market entities, and other measures. Diversified consumption subsidies and colorful consumption promotion activities have also been put on the agenda. Efforts to expand investment "From the practice of stabilizing growth in recent years, expanding effective investment has always played a key role." Ruan Qing, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that in 2023, Shanghai will continue to take expanding effective investment as an important measure to improve confidence, expand demand, stabilize growth and promote development, as well as an important means to optimize the supply structure. In terms of expanding effective investment, Shanghai will carry out global investment promotion activities, hold the "Tidy Pujiang" series of investment promotion activities, the Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference and the Shanghai City Promotion Conference, and organize professional investment promotion teams to accurately carry out special investment promotion activities overseas. Liaoning proposes to increase the import of foreign products

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