The consumer market has achieved a "good start"


The consumer market achieved a "good start". According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, the sales volume of key retail and catering enterprises in China increased by 6.8% compared with the Spring Festival holiday last year. The promotion of consumption activities was rich and colorful, the sales of goods such as New Year's goods were vigorous, leisure consumption was colorful, and the prices of necessities of life were stable. At present, various departments around the country have taken strong measures to enhance consumption capacity, improve consumption conditions, innovate consumption scenarios, and fully stimulate the potential of the consumption market. With multiple benefits, the consumer market is expected to accelerate its recovery and become the main driving force of the economy. The policy will be strengthened to restore and expand consumption and encourage the policy to play its role. During the Spring Festival holiday, consumer vouchers were issued in many places, which had a significant effect on food and beverage consumption. According to Meituan data, after many cities in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces issued consumption vouchers through Meituan, their consumption of dining and dining hall food during the Spring Festival holiday increased by double digits year-on-year. Taking Hangzhou as an example, during the issuance of consumption vouchers for the Spring Festival, the order volume of the whole city's dining hall increased by 71% year on year, and the transaction volume increased by 80% year on year. Recently, many provinces have deployed their work in the form of holding meetings or issuing action plans, giving priority to the recovery and expansion of consumption. On January 29, Shanghai held a press conference to put forward the recovery and revitalization of consumption as one of the key work, and launched a number of measures from promoting the expansion and upgrading of consumption, promoting mass consumption such as automobile and household appliances, comprehensively activating the cultural and tourism market, and supporting the recovery and revitalization of the exhibition industry; On January 28, Guangdong held a high-quality development conference, which revealed that the growth target of the total retail sales of consumer goods in the province this year was set at 6%; On January 27, Liaoning issued a notice that clearly promoted the recovery of consumption, put forward measures such as diversified provision of consumption subsidies, efforts to create new consumption scenes, increasing support for county-level commerce and key commercial circulation market entities, and encouraging rational housing consumption, On the demand side, affected by the epidemic in recent years, people's income growth has slowed down, expectations have declined, they are afraid to consume, they are inconvenient to consume, and the tendency to save money to avoid risks has increased; On the supply side, the innovation ability of market players cannot fully meet the requirements of high-quality development, and there is still a certain gap between effective supply and people's personalized and diversified consumption needs. "If you have a big pocket, you will have the power to consume." Chen Lifen, a researcher at the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, suggested that we should increase the income of urban and rural residents through multiple channels, especially to improve the consumption ability of low - and middle-income residents who have high consumption tendencies but are greatly affected by the epidemic. Appropriately increase consumer credit. We will implement the policy of giving priority to employment, support the development of industries and enterprises with strong employability, and timely and effectively mitigate the impact of structural price increases on people in need. Perfect the facilities and improve the consumption conditions. "Smart services are more popular. Compared with finding routes with maps, self-driving travel is much more convenient

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