Return to work and press the "Fast Forward" key to attract technical talents by taking multiple measures


At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the production lines of enterprises around the country began to run rapidly, and the "fast forward" button was also pressed when returning to work. In response to the problems of "difficult recruitment" and "labor shortage" of enterprises in the Spring Festival, local governments took multiple measures to seize the first wave of employment and further strengthen the employment security of enterprises. In addition, many listed companies have recently issued recruitment notices to provide preferential treatment for employees, and the battle for talent has begun. Take multiple measures to provide exclusive services for trans-provincial recruitment, with coastal provinces taking the lead. Recently, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces have gone deep into the central and western regions to intensively carry out on-site recruitment activities for labor cooperation, actively connect with major labor export provinces, and organize groups to "grab people" outside the province. On January 26, as the free special train G2961 for returning to work entered the Shenzhen North Station, more than 400 migrant workers from Guilin, Guangxi, arrived at work, marking the beginning of the inter-provincial cooperation to organize migrant workers from other places to return to work in Guangdong. The reporter of Securities Daily learned from the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that after the Spring Festival, there will be a peak of job hunting and recruitment. From January to March 2023, Shenzhen plans to carry out 208 recruitment activities, with more than 5000 enterprises throwing out recruitment olive branch. In addition, for those who first came to Shenzhen for employment from February 1 to April 30, a one-time initial employment allowance of 500 yuan per person will be given. It is reported that Shenzhen has issued a phased incentive employment policy with a total budget of 270 million yuan. Through the issuance of subsidies and the strengthening of employment services, real gold and silver support enterprises to develop production and help employees stabilize employment. On January 28, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province, together with the local government, held a welcome ceremony for the return to work of the spring breeze action in the whole province, and sent a love package to 1000 employees from Tongxu, Puyang, Yichuan, and Linyi, Shanxi. These employees took the "point-to-point" shuttle bus directly to Kunshan Renbao, Lizhen, Chunhua, Kesen and other enterprises. According to the data released by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, after the Spring Festival, 12000 workers have been sent back to work by one chartered plane, one special train, and 299 chartered cars. It is estimated that 36200 workers will be sent back to work by chartered plane, special train, and chartered car before February 5. Zhejiang is a large province of private economy and labor, with more than 22 million labor force outside the province. Shortly after the Spring Festival holiday, Zhejiang began to intensively carry out on-site recruitment activities for labor cooperation, actively docking with major labor export provinces, and organizing groups to "grab people" outside the province. It is reported that Zhejiang Province plans to carry out 320 online and offline recruitment activities in other provinces. Only the 2023 "Zhejiang-Sichuan" spring breeze action and east-west labor cooperation recruitment activity held in Guang'an, Sichuan on January 29 attracted more than 20000 people to participate, and more than 2360 people reached preliminary employment intentions with employers, including 585 people who signed employment intention agreements on the spot. Chen Li, chief economist of Chuancai Securities and director of the research institute, told the Securities Daily: "The vitality of enterprises is gradually recovering, the demand for employment is increasing, and the effective boost of the flow of people and logistics will further drive the demand for employment, and provide a guarantee basis for the local economy to make a good start." Large companies with preferential treatment are eager for talent, in addition to the need to rush to work across provinces, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi Companies in Shandong and other provinces have actively issued tenders

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