Spring Festival property market: the popularity of house viewing increased by 50%, and the turnover of second-hand houses increased by more than 50%


In the past, the Spring Festival holiday with homecoming reunion and travel as the main theme was often not the peak sales season of the real estate market. However, with the epidemic prevention and control entering a new stage, in the context of favorable policies, this year's "Spring Festival" report card of the property market still attracted attention. With the help of the policy, Mr. Sun, a real estate agent who works in Shanghai, has not returned to his hometown during the Spring Festival this year, but still has a good time. "Our sales office has an average of 20 or 30 groups of customers to see the house every day, and the number is the highest in the fifth day of the year. There are almost 50 groups, which is quite popular." "We have a lot of people here, especially in the third day of the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day of the year. Most of the customers we receive come back from first-tier cities, and their hometown is here. Before the year, because of the favorable policy, they got the qualification to buy the house, and they came to see the house during the New Year." Ms. Jiang, a real estate agent in a second-tier provincial capital city, told reporters. "We have few people here in the first four days of the holiday, and there are only one or two people on duty in the store. But since the fourth day of the day, there have been more people looking at the house. After the holiday, the average number of people is about 20 groups a day." Mr. Lin, a real estate agent in a third-tier city, said. The popularity of house watching rose this Spring Festival. According to the statistics of Anjuke Research Institute, during the Spring Festival in 2023, the number of first-tier cities looking for houses increased by 3.7% year on year, the number of first-tier cities looking for houses decreased by 3% compared with that of last year's Spring Festival, the number of new first-tier cities remained unchanged year on year, and the number of second-tier cities increased by 6.3%. "The number of people traveling and visiting relatives in first-tier cities has increased significantly, resulting in a small decline in the number of people looking for houses during the Spring Festival; the number of people who buy houses in second-tier cities has continued to relax, and the number of people who return home to buy houses is more likely to buy houses in the provincial capital cities or in the emerging 'strong second-tier' cities in recent years, and the number of people looking for houses has increased." 58 Zhang Bo, president of the Anju Research Institute, said. "There are many people who have consulted recently, and many customers who have returned home during the Spring Festival have communicated with us online. However, compared with the enthusiasm of watching the house, most people are still in a wait-and-see state. Because the house price, transaction volume and rent will rise after the Spring Festival every year, that is to say," Little Spring Festival ", so there are not many buyers who really make up their minds during the holiday." Mr. Sun said. In order to really retain buyers, various preferential activities are also indispensable. Mr. Lin said that the activities launched by the sales office recently mainly focused on the down payment and parking space. "We can make a down payment of less than 100000 yuan when we deal with the mortgage in the bank we cooperate with, and we have also launched a batch of special parking spaces of about 50000 yuan, which can be purchased as a complete set." Mr. Lin mentioned that the buyers who bought the house during the Spring Festival this year pay more attention to the problem of the delivery time than before, and the staff will also talk about the "ready house, quasi ready house" all the time. "The overall price of the real estate is much lower than that in 2021, and we will also invite customers to see the real estate as much as possible." Ms. Jiang said that if you go to the sales office for an interview, you can get a much cheaper discount than the price displayed on the app. Ms. Jiang also mentioned that although there are many discounts for new houses, the price of second-hand houses is relatively stable. "Especially recently, when parents of school-age children are considering buying or replacing houses, the second-hand houses represented by school district houses are still in demand."

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